Erza Scarlet Sword Prop help

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#1 nekofan100 on 5 years ago

I want to find out how to make the Sword Pictured below

Also I would like to know the most inexpensive way to make it my limit in price for all is $60

#2 StabbityBlkMage on 5 years ago

All the 1 handed swords I've been making usually round out around $50 in materials (usually highest cost is paint and primer...).

You can use wood, bevel out the edges with a power sander, file or even a rasp then you can add detailing to the hilt with more wood or, preferably, styrene or PVC plastic. I'll link more in depth articles that I have written about my sword making, but that should be a fairly straightforward project.

Hope that helps! Happy cosplay!