Need help with cosplaying at Seoul Comic World

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#1 ColourfulRain on 6 years ago

I'm going to be cosplaying as Karkat from Homestuck at the next Seoul Comic World and I don't quite understand some things.

If I'm correct, there is a seperate ticket booth and entrance for cosplayers. What's special about the ticket booth?

And I'm going to be wearing the cosplay clothes (black T-shirt, grey pants, etc) so do I need to go through the ticket booth and entrance which isn't for cosplayers? I do want to go quickly to get my troll makeup done fast.

Can I also use the makeup room, coming in from the entrance?

I'll need face/body paint for the troll makeup and another user wasn't sure if I could bring face paint there and suggested I use eye shadow. I don't really think that's true but I just wanted to confirm it.

Sorry for asking all these questions, but I have a few more.

1.Troll makeup will take quite a while to put on, will they ask me to leave if I take too long?

2. Is it small in the makeup room? Will it be crowded? I'm planning on going as early as possible.

3. After going out for a while, can I go back to the makeup room to fix my makeup?

4. Do I have to pay to use the makeup room? Or is that only for the changing rooms?

5. If anyone is kind enough to, please explain the whole process of going in to register the cosplay until coming out when done.

Once again, I'm sorry for asking so many questions. It's my second time going to Seoul Comic World and my first time cosplaying so I'll be quite nervous.

#2 celery on 6 years ago

Im not 100% sure but here I go!

I think nothing is special except that there is little to no line to get ticket. You can go in the regular line and get a ticket as well(I usually arrive very late so I just get mines at the regular)

Clothes that can pass for regular clothes like t-shirts jeans pants etc can be worn onto the event but anything else that is a bit different(armor, crazy wigs, elegant dresses, etc) isn't. So please don't come on the subway dressed in your favorite cosplay, but change inside(you might get ejected)!

The makeup room inside is near the changing area, but is small and crowded. Bring your own mini mirror case and prepare to do makeup sitting on the floor! You can spend as much as you want prepping up in there. You can reenter anytime! You don't pay for the makeup or the changing rooms. You only pay for "luggage" storage(500Won) as in storing your excess stuff away in a bag and later on you can get it back.

As for registering your cosplay, well I don't have much experience on that since I usually don't do that =( You fill out a form and I think you get a paper bracelet with a number for walk-on exhibition? Once again, Very not sure about this department.