Who are you cosplaying?

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#1 PhantasmaJun on 7 years ago

With Megacon so close who is everyone cosplaying as?

I will be...
Friday: Griffith (Berserk) (normal outfit)
Saturday: Ashura Ou (Tsubasa Chronicle / RD Veda) flame outfit from artwork.

#2 Sammyzilla on 7 years ago

Friday: Lady Loki (Avengers version), Fionna (Adventure Time), & Pajama Lady Loki if I'm there late
Saturday: Fox Lost Boy (Peter Pan) & Fancy Tier Jade (Homestuck)
Sunday: Ron Stoppable (Kim Possible) & maybe Fionna again.

#3 Future Hokage on 7 years ago

Undicided if i will finish my other cosplay in time but if not i will be armored Spider-Man all 3days unless I finish aaroniero from bleach

#4 schmemy on 7 years ago

A red cloak from the game Journey! Just on Saturday, though. :>

#5 SirWonderusMary on 7 years ago

Tony Stark. Wanted to cosplay something else, BUT *sigh* My costume never came. ^^U (Kid Loki actually, but not sure I want to anymore with how disappointing it is that it failed.)

#6 Talismand on 7 years ago

(friday)Irvine kinneas froom ff8
(saturday) Cpt Price frome the mission all ghillied up
(sunday) Irvine kinneas

#7 toughtink on 7 years ago

planning on GLaDOS for saturday and Tinker Bell for sunday....but i still gotta finish my costumes. >____>

#8 Talismand on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=toughtink;4626690]planning on GLaDOS for saturday and Tinker Bell for sunday....but i still gotta finish my costumes. >____>[/QUOTE]

GLaDOS sounds awesome hope you can finish it in time only six days left :mfg:

#9 JFBount on 7 years ago

This year I'm bringing...
Kyuju Amagiri from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan on Friday annnnnd
Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2 on Saturday!!

I would wear HIM again but I'm saving that for Dragoncon this year :D

[QUOTE=toughtink;4626690]....but i still gotta finish my costumes. >____>[/QUOTE]

You are not alone in this lol. Everyone I know is in Panic Mode xD

#10 Raikalith on 7 years ago

Friday: Ruby (RWBY), Rise Kujikawa (Persona 4)
Saturday: Pirate Aranea, Condesce (Both Homestuck)
Sunday: ????

There are some others but I don't know exactly when the others in my group want to do them.

#11 moonfall on 7 years ago

How many costume I wear depends on how much I can cram in the car and how far the hotel is from the convention center. I'm probably bringing Raine, Franziska, and Twilight Sparkle, may also have Lyn or Utena but not as likely.

#12 Kusinai on 7 years ago

Saturday: Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail/Japanese Cloth)
Sunday: Mitsuru Kirijo (Persona 3/School Uniform)

#13 CafedeDuy on 7 years ago

Nightwing until 12-2 (most likely 1)
Kiba with my friend as Naruto (Street Style)

Sunday: IF I go. I'll be Peter Pan for the Disney meetup

#14 Eyeofgod on 7 years ago

Friday: Bill Nye The Science Guy
Saturday: America from Axis Powers Hetalia one part of the day, Harry Potter on the second half. Bill Nye again for the Rave
Sunday: either Bill Nye or Harry Potter

#15 Lucifer on 7 years ago

Sunday: Julie (with R) from "Warm Bodies"

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