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#1 GabrieleBuffoli on 8 years ago

Hi everyone!
My name is Gabriele Buffoli, i'm an italian cartoonist and also a cosplayer. I tried do unify those passions and it come out Cosplay Heart, an online comic which can be followed on my blog:[url] - cosplay heart[/url]. Totally free, it's an online comic about adventures, feeling and misadventures that rotate around this amazing world named cosplay. I hope you will enjoy it and if you have some suggestion or some anecdotes that you'll like to see trasformed into a Cosplay Heart episode, feel free to make me know.
I hope that Cosplay Heart will became even more the cosplayer's comic!


P.s. if it's the wrong channel for posting that news or other motivation please make me know and i will provide istantly to change it

#2 GabrieleBuffoli on 8 years ago

the second episode


#3 Efecss on 8 years ago

Nice work. I'll definitely check in now and again for this.

#4 GabrieleBuffoli on 8 years ago

Hello Guys, sorry for the long delay in posting new episodes but in this period i had a lot of work, so it was difficult for me translating and posting. But from now the appointment with cosplay heart will became weekly to never let you without Cosplay Heart!


#5 GabrieleBuffoli on 7 years ago

This week's episode!