NEW MLP:FiM Cosplay Meetup Spectacular thread!

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#1 gules on 8 years ago


Here is the new MLP:FiM Otakon cosplay thread! Following are a list of affirmed cosplayers sorted by pony. I am also busy finding out when Brony (FiM fans, regardless of age or gender) meetups are, so you have that info as well. If I leave you out of the list or you get new info, feel free to drop me a PM!

[B]Photoshoot / Meetup Date:
Friday 9:30 PM AND Saturday 9:00 AM.[/B] Come to both to see as many ponies as possible!

[U]Who Will Be There[/U]

[*] Bunniesofawesomeness
[*] Life Size 23 (Thurs 3PM on / Sat 8PM on) {coming Fri!}
[*] Freyaliesel
[*] FinalHeavenTifa
[*] Screamedwhisper (Thurs / Fri 1PM / Sat 9AM - 2PM) {Brony Fri Meet!}
[*] Gules' Friend (tentative)[/LIST][/INDENT]

[*]Twilight Sparkle
[*] ShouriMarch
[*] DictatorForLife
[*] Giblinomix
[*] LifeSize23's Friend {Coming Fri!}[/LIST][/INDENT]

[*] NikkiKora
[*] Koisnake (mascot version!)[/LIST][/INDENT]

[*] MechaMasky
[*] Starberry624
[*] AtashiStar
[*] I am Shu-chan
[*] FinalHeavenTifa's Friend[/LIST][/INDENT]

[*]Rainbow Dash
[*] ipodavatarfan
[*] DictatorForLife's Friend
[*] lithe-fider's friend (tentative)
[*] Giblinomix's Friend
[*] Gules' friend (Fri night)[/LIST][/INDENT]

[*]Pinkie Pie
[*] Kaiyakkuma
[*] Ulqorimiforever (Sat)
[*] LifeSize23's Friend {Coming Fri!}
[*] Tiger Standing
[*] WandererChan (Thurs / Sun)[/LIST][/INDENT]

[*]Derpy Hooves
[*] Noreluvr58

[*] Gules (Sat)[/LIST][/INDENT]

[*] lithe-fider (tentative) [/LIST][/INDENT]

[*]Lemon Hearts
[*] solstis (During the Rave!)[/LIST][/INDENT]


Other MLP:FiM-related gatherings:

- Equestria Gaming Brony Meet will be at the THIRD FLOOR, BY THE ESCALATORS on FRIDAY and SAT, starting at 1:00 PM. As I understand it, the coordinator of this event will be dressed as Luigi. The Friday meet has a sticker giveaway. Backup locations are at the indoor fountain, and left of the escalator.

#2 GraelynRose on 8 years ago

Yay! I'm still so excited. As for the meet up, the only times I can't make it are Friday at 7 PM and Saturday at 3:30 PM.

I'll definitely be at the Friday Brony meet.

#3 Starberry624 on 8 years ago

If the meet takes place Friday I should be in my Fluttershy cosplay!

#4 gules on 8 years ago

Go vote in the poll for any and ALL times you can make! That way we can make the best decision possible! Or you could just vote for your favorite times. Either way. I just voted toooooo!

#5 Koisnake on 8 years ago

Oh geez, guys.. can we not have the shoot late on Friday? I have a cosplayer dinner at 9PM. Also, daylight photoshoots are better for happy series like MLP :P

I want to take photos with the human Raritys, haha. I wonder if I will be the only mascot there.

#6 KaCrack on 8 years ago

Not cosplaying, but I'll be available to take pics anytime on Saturday except 3:30.

#7 Life Size 23 on 8 years ago

I voted for Saturday at 10pm. I think that's the only time I would be able to make it. Just was wondering why you put (Thurs/Sun/Fri?) next to my name.... confused... LOL

#8 Ulqorimiforever on 8 years ago

So far I'm liking this thread. So well put together! Well done,gules. Already voted! Okay got some bad news. Got a text from bestie. My friend can't make it to the con @ all. It was a chice btwn seeing her real dad n kentucky ( raised by her grandparents) or otakon. Family won which I'm proud of her so she's a no show. So no apple bloom this year.

#9 solstis on 8 years ago

pretty evem alll over the days
My times are all ??s and not ands. I can only wear it if time really permits me to join a photo shoot. I might not put it on at all >_<;; I don't really need to change 4 times a day >_

#10 gules on 8 years ago

Haha. No problems. And thanks for the compliments! I try my best.

Life Size>> Those days are when you expressed in the last thread that you might be able to wear that cosplay. If/when it narrows down, tell me and I'll update!

solstis>> I'll put some ???s beside yours. The days are there just in case we look for you and catch you! Which would be AWESOME but no one wants to costume change all day. >_> ;;

ALSO. I'm taking an un-official count of pleas when not to do it, so if the poll turns out too even I'll use those to help tiebreakers. Thus far I have PLEASE NO on: Sat 3:30(2) and Fri 9PM(2) and 7PM.

#11 koi-ishly on 8 years ago

I won't be able to do Fluttershy... I bought all the fabric but I'm over my head with my current cosplay. I would still love to come to the meet up!

I'm not going to vote as I'm not going to be in cosplay and I'm just there to see everyone... so whatever works for me!

#12 DictatorForLife on 8 years ago

My only "please no" is no early mornings please. The fashion shows are going to be around that time and I really want to make it to those.

#13 gules on 8 years ago

D: What? How do you know? I've been trying to get a gauge on about when the Masque and Fashion shows will be, but I'm coming up empty. Where does one get this awesome knowledge?

#14 solstis on 8 years ago

anyone have the guid book from last year?? (I found mine from 2002 and 2005 XD)

#15 Life Size 23 on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=gules;4048792]Haha. No problems. And thanks for the compliments! I try my best.

Life Size>> Those days are when you expressed in the last thread that you might be able to wear that cosplay. If/when it narrows down, tell me and I'll update!
Ohhhh.... I forgot what I wrote on the other thread LOL sorry. Yeah I think the only time I would be able to attend a photoshoot would be Saturday after 8pm. I am sorry, I took on too many photoshoot hosting jobs. I will be wearing Apple Jack on Thursday for the Festival/Badge pick up and probably Saturday night. Aww I really want to take pics of all of you. -sigh- hopefully it will all work out.