Help me find convention people in Frace

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#1 tsukii on 7 years ago


My name is Sara and I, and a group young people are responsible for a small manga/anime/cosplay convention in Sweden. (Kawaiicon) Right now we are searching for other people in Europe that are holding a manga/anime/cosplay convention of some sort, and are interested to participate in an exchange-travel program with us.

The thing is, if we can get in contact with a god group of people before the 18 October that will hold a con sometime the next spring or summer. We can get a stipendium so some of us can come and visit/help you at your con. And later in the autumn we can get more money, so some in your group can come and visit Sweden, and our convention that we will hold in September. The money is from a stipendium that allows young people to shear their interest between cultures.

[U]So to to do this, you must:[/U]
*Be between 15-25 years old
*Planning a con in the spring or summer of 2012 that host at least 200 visitors
*Want to welcome a small group from Sweden on your con (max 10 people)
*Understand some English
*Be able to take care of necessary needs for yourself if you want to come to us later on. (Things like: eat, sleep, travel, and so on.)

[U]Too see a tad more about our con or me:[/U]
Visit (I know everything is in Swedish, sorry)
Visit us on facebook: Kawaiicon, Manga/Animekonvent I Sundsvall!/event.php?eid=171005949605334
Check my private profile here on Tsukii
Or send a mail with questions directly to me at: [email protected]

Plese send me a mail if you can think of it! we really want to take this chance! :sunny:

#2 Ashurachan on 7 years ago

i suggest you go to this forum : [url][/url]
It's the main forum for French cosplayers, you should be able to get a few contacts there.
However, I'd like to point one thing before you start contacting anyone, most conventions do not organize cosplay-related events themselves, very often they contact a specialized association to do it for them (Bulle Japon, Sohei, Atomic Bamboos, EPIC to name the Paris-based ones). The event threads on the forum are often created by those associations.

#3 tsukii on 7 years ago

Thank you, it is a great help!
The convention mustn't do cosplay it is just that I did not know any other international forum, where I could ask other countrys about their conventions.