Buster Sword Tutorial

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#1 Ditto on 14 years ago

#2 Ditto on 14 years ago

#3 Phinal_Phoenix on 14 years ago

Nice! Now this section of the forums shouldn't be as cluttered with buster sword questions. :P

#4 Ditto on 14 years ago

that's why i made it

#5 HybridTwist on 14 years ago

Nice tutorial Ditto, bet that took you awhile to type up. :thumbsup:

#6 Koisnake on 14 years ago

This is a really nice Tutorial! I may used it to help me make a sword from BLEACH.

#7 Ditto on 14 years ago

thanks guys, it took me 2 class periods (45min periods) and then finishing it up while waiting for a friend in the waiting room at the hospital..... and then I added the pictures and links when I got home.... but I have been meaning to do it for a while so yea.

#8 OneWngdAngel2 on 14 years ago

oy people im a real newbie to cosplaying, but ive loved ff for years and my friends hang out and fight with wooden swords and act out scenes from games and movies like ff7 and AC, and were all in late high school

i just want to put together the buster sword for a hobby, as a decoration, and to show off a bit, and im liking the sound of the convention thing more and more every day, you people have some awesome stories...yeah...to get to my point ,
does anyone who tried/completed this specific buster sword tutorial have the measurements, angles, lengths/types/shapes of wood needed, and/or diagrams of where to put the pieces. yeah, diagrams would be particularly helpful, because i dont understand some of whats going on in the tutorial, but i can read and comprehend blueprints.
ive been trying to draft this particular buster sword design that ditto built on paper for like a week in school, using the pics provided, but im really havin a hard time; and like you said a while ago in inuyasha_king's discussion, ditto, this thing isnt for beginners. but this is the coolest design ive found so far that i can probably do, and i have most of the supplies needed just lying around. can anyone spare the time to post those things? i know im probably askin a lot, but it would really help out me and anyone else attempting to do this. thanks for putting up this thread ditto, you deserve all the praise you get for it:bigtu:!

#9 Ditto on 14 years ago

I really don't have much, all I got is my original plans, just use the plans and pictures together and you should be able to make it, sorry about this tutorial not being newbie friendly..... but this was my first major prop so I didn't think that it would be too terribly hard. the only thing I made before this was alucard's guns, and I used a toy gun as the base for those.

#10 OneWngdAngel2 on 14 years ago

!hanks for replying ditto. :bigtu: i seem to have gotten most of the plans figured now, but i still cant roughly figure out how you designed the inside structure of the "tip" of the blade, the last 16 inches, its pretty complicated looking, or maybe im just making it out to be harder than it is lol. im sure ill have it down in the next few days. thanks again.

#11 Ditto on 14 years ago

I was just wondering if anyone has completed (or even begun) this tutorial, I would just like to see wt other people's turned out like.

#12 blackouts suck on 14 years ago

awsome tutorial. this would help my friend brandon out alot. he want to be cloud for halloween. ill have to show it to him

#13 gabo on 14 years ago

I'm going to try to put together a better list for materials with the size of them.
also going to get some numbers for the layout of the frame of the sword, the point ot it is a little tricky to get many manual adjusments and lost od patience, I'm not in any way an expert on wood work, mostly just finishing jobs.

so keep reeading for this and also may work on any other big swords when they are heavy.


#14 Seriphina on 14 years ago

nice tutorial - this'll help with those "how do i make *insert character*'s giant sword" questions, not only the buster sword.

#15 Ditto on 14 years ago

gabo is my father, him and I made the buster sword. and this would work for many large swords

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