2010 Northern New Jersey Cosplay Picnic

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#1 MostDecentThing on 8 years ago

[B]Looking for Photographers to Attend 2010 Northern New Jersey Cosplay Picnic
Saturday, August 14, 2010
Chatham, NJ[/B]



This is an informal gathering to dress up, meet and hang out with each other, take pictures, and have general merriment :)

Please invite friends! Invite cosplayers and photographers!

Hoping for a fun day :)

[B]WHERE? Passaic River County Park, Chatham, New Jersey

Carpool if possible.

WHAT TO BRING? Your own picnic lunch, plenty of water, a picnic blanket, and your camera. If you want to have a cosplay soccer, softball, or kickball game, please provide your own equipment... and first aid kit >.> Additional fun items you may want to bring could be a Frisbee, Kite, Card Games, Board Games, and/or Bubbles!

This event is FREE and begins at 1:00PM!

ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED! We do not have an alcohol permit.



✿ Cosplay Contest (Winners announced at 3:30PM)
✿ The Cosplay Dating Game

(Keep checking back for more!)



✿ Please be mindful of the costume you choose to wear. We will be in public, so please do not wear a very revealing costume. It’s okay to show some leg, but don’t wear a bikini-type cosplay. This rule mainly applies to women, but men, take it easy too. If you’re not sure if something will be okay or not, it's okay to ask.

✿ NO GUN PROPS AT ALL. NO LIVE STEEL WEAPONS. Wooden or other material swords/staffs/whatever are okay.

✿ Please do not bring any alcohol or cigarettes to the park. We want to be respectful to the other park visitors as well as to each other. In addition, we do not have an alcohol permit.

✿ Please be respectful of the park! Do not feed the wildlife. Do not damage, deface, remove or tamper with any property. Injury, damage or removal of any structure, rock, plant, bird or wild animal is prohibited by the Morris County Park System.

✿ Pick up after yourself. No littering!

#2 MostDecentThing on 8 years ago

The Cosplay Picnic has been moved to the Passaic River County Park in Chatham, New Jersey ([url]http://www.morrisparks.net/aspparks/passaicmain.asp[/url]) due to high picnic permit costs (This park is the least expensive).

We will also not be able to have a rain date due to said permit costs, so keep your fingers crossed for a sunny day on the 14th.

#3 MostDecentThing on 8 years ago

COSPLAY PICNIC WEBSITE: [url]http://mostdecentthing.weebly.com/northern-new-jersey-cosplay-picnic.html[/url]

#4 MostDecentThing on 8 years ago

Ejen Chuang has donated an autographed copy of his book "Cosplay in America" as 1st Prize for our cosplay contest!

Check it out on Amazon: [url]http://www.amazon.com/Cosplay-America-Ejen-Chuang/dp/0615349064/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1281626570&sr=1-1[/url]