Hetalia Day 2010 [SoCal Division] ~Halloween Themed!~

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#16 lexy-chan on 10 years ago

Wish I could make it this year but I'm moving to Norcal ;_; If anyone wants to do Miss Hetalia again, you can always contact me for questions/comments/suggestions! <3

#17 Clockwork Alice on 10 years ago

Aww. We'll definitely miss having you. You were a great host for Miss Hetalia!

#18 GingaDreamer on 10 years ago

I hope you all have fun at this event. This park is a lot friendlier then Griffith, but Griffith has improved vastly since the year before it with the six major cosplay gathering's that have been hosted there since. ^^ Best of luck.

#19 Clockwork Alice on 10 years ago

That's great to hear, but I think we're gonna play it safe this time around.

#20 Zombie-Neurosis on 10 years ago

Iiiiiiiii wish I could come, and I'll try my hardest to. You know corpse/"zombie"!Prussia would be fun... Though I don't think a lot of the normal bystanders would be too happy to see Russia dragging around a 'dead' body xD;; So this may be a no-go.

Hopefully me and my Russia can make it <3

#21 Clockwork Alice on 10 years ago

Haha. It'd still be awesome. I hope you can make it~!

#22 Cosplay Cyborg on 10 years ago

Hey, I was thinking I might make a cardboard penalty box to substitute in for the TV that Sadako crawls out of. What do you think, Gilly? *pokes Clockwork Alice* ;D

- Cy

#23 Clockwork Alice on 10 years ago

Penalty box? .....Should I ask what the penalty is? D:

#24 Cosplay Cyborg on 10 years ago

[QUOTE=Clockwork Alice;3538323]Penalty box? .....Should I ask what the penalty is? D:[/QUOTE]

You know? Like in hockey... they put you in a little box because you kind of sort of accidentally may have been hi-sticking and your brother's a little b*tch and a sore loser so he calls you on it and you get the penalty box and he scores a goal because he's a jerk.... Damn refs... > <

But I'm changing my cosplay. Because there's WAY too many cool ideas. Put me down as MYSTERY COSPLAY! for now. Thanks <3

- Cy

#25 Clockwork Alice on 10 years ago

Ffffff. Awesome. If I hadn't already picked my costume, I'd be Prussia as Izaya. XD

Red Rover... might end up getting cosplays damaged, so that may not be a good game to play. D:

Mmm... Fish and chips~

#26 Cosplay Cyborg on 10 years ago

[QUOTE=OrangePokitaru;3538378]It's a bit of a drive but, count me in as England!~ England as Shizuo from DRRR (Durarara)
I have read all the rules and will follow, and I am bringing a flag ^-^. As for a game...Red Rover Hetalia Style? As for food, FISH AND CHIPS!? ;D[/QUOTE]

OMG SHIGGY! *shot for bad pun* That made my day, all the same. <3

As for your game suggestion... I'm afraid we'll have to say no to rough-play activities like freeze-tag and red rover. Those games are the kind you play in casual clothing, not cosplay. clothing gets easily damaged that way. In any other situation I'd be all for it, but... costumes and red rover especially have always been a bad mix for as long as I can remember.

However, if you can think of other ideas, we would love to hear them! And fish & chips sound like an awesome snack to bring. <3 I'm getting fired up!

- Cy

#27 Clockwork Alice on 10 years ago

Arthur is cooking.......


#28 Cosplay Cyborg on 10 years ago

[QUOTE=Clockwork Alice;3538611]Arthur is cooking.......


Well it [i]is[/i] Halloween after all... *shifty eyes*

#29 27XxJuDaImExX27 on 10 years ago

I've decided I'm going to be bringing flag cookies~ 8D
Once the event gets closer, and there's more people, I'll count how many of each character and everyone will get a cookie made to look like their countries flag :3 (*willprobablyregretthislateron*)

#30 Zombie-Neurosis on 10 years ago

*lurks all up in this thread*

there are high hopes of me coming... But I just might have to change my costume since it really does depend on my Russia ;3; soi'llbeplanningabackupcostume *nod* Cuz I really wanna go ;A;

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