Hetalia Day 2010 [SoCal Division] ~Halloween Themed!~

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#1 Clockwork Alice on 10 years ago

#2 Clockwork Alice on 10 years ago

#3 Burpin_et on 10 years ago

Man, I'd love to come again this year. Last year was awesome, 'specially with that United Nations bit..... But unfortunately Balboa Park is way to far for me.... Have fun guys!

#4 Clockwork Alice on 10 years ago

We chose Balboa Lake because of other cosplay gatherings that take place there during the spring. Griffith... well, they gave us a lot of problems, and the other park attendees didn't like us all too much. =_=;

Sorry you can't make it again.

#5 Lady Marionette on 10 years ago

[Indent]Ahh... I'm in the same boat as Burpin. It's quite far for me, but it would've given me a chance to bust out battle!Taiwan based off of a fanart I've been wanting to do for a while now. Hope you guys have lots of fun this year though. :][/Indent]

#6 Hitomi-chan99 on 10 years ago

I Will Come As Belarus...And I Will Totally Help U Guys!

#7 Cosplay Cyborg on 10 years ago

@ClockworkAlice: Balboa LAKE is in San Diego, my dear. The "official" name of this particular Balboa park is "Anthony C Beilenson Park" but we all call it Balboa around here cause that's what street it's on. XD

- Cy

#8 Clockwork Alice on 10 years ago

Noooo. Balboa Park is in San Diego. Lake Balboa/Anthony C. Beilenson Park is in Van Nuys.


@Hitomi-chan99 - Awesome~ Belarus as anything in particular, or just plain Belarus?

#9 ScarletRhapsody on 10 years ago

If I don't have to work that weekend, I'll probably stop by as Spanish American War! Philippines with the rest of the Philippine crew.

#10 Clockwork Alice on 10 years ago

Yay~ More Phiri-tans~

#11 techrabbit13 on 10 years ago

Well since my little sister Belarus is going I guess I better go to. Ukraine reporting for duty.... sorry, lol ^^

#12 Clockwork Alice on 10 years ago

Great~ Are you going to be dressed for Halloween?

#13 27XxJuDaImExX27 on 10 years ago

Ahhh~ I'm definatly going again this year~! ;D Count me in!
Not sure who I'll be yet; it's a tie between Russia as a Sunflora, France as Lestat de Lioncourt, Romaheta!Italy, or Ukraine as a casino or saloon girl..
I'll figure it out eventually 8'D

#14 Hitomi-chan99 on 10 years ago

Belarus Will Be Alice!

#15 Clockwork Alice on 10 years ago

@27XxJuDaImExX27 - France as Lestat would be awesome, though all those sound great. Hope you have luck choosing one!

@Hitomi-chan99 - Cute~

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