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#1 Trooper715 on 11 years ago

[center]Halo 2011 Gathering
URL from Fanime Forums and Cosplay.com Fanime thread:

Organizer Contact Information
Daniel Yuan
[u]Fanime/Cosplay.com Username[/u]
[u]405th.com Username[/u]


[i]All information below is considered tentative and subject to change.
Please include preferences or suggestions for times/etc. in your attendance post[/i]

[b]Meeting Place:[/b]

[b]Confirmed Planned Attendees/Character[/b]
Trooper0621: ODST

[b][i]Possible Planned Attendees/Character[/b][/i]
TokenBlackGuy: ODST
D.Henson & Friend: Master Chief and ODST


Well, 405th.com had a GREAT showing at Comic Con this year helping to makeComic Con "huge for Halo this year. In fact, probably bigger than E3" according to InsideGaming @ Machinima.com. *Check out our dancing videos and our many shoutouts from HaloWaypoint!

Since I typically always work Fanime Rover staff, I should be up at the con next year so I'll be taking charge of this gathering. I'll be sticking with my ODST suit since it's nice, comfortable, and easy to move around in.


Look for more details to appear as the time gets closer. *Until then follow the Facebook page to keep up to date on events or visit our forums to get help building your very own Halo costumes.

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