[Tutorial] Naruto - Kakashi's Formfitting Mask

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#16 ArwenEvenstar on 11 years ago

oh my goodness... *bookmarks* much appreciation!

#17 GakuChan on 11 years ago

Thank you so much! This is so helpful! :]

#18 aprilmarie4203 on 11 years ago

This is a big help. Thanks so much! I wanna do this now. and I am also wishing I had my own sewing talents..

#19 LxExplosionx93 on 11 years ago

Good tutorial =]. My mask is made of fail. It's loose and falls off ALL THE TIME.
I'm definately going to do this sooner or later, depending on whether I'm going to wear Kakashi to Kawa Kon again or not.

#20 Zelda_Love on 9 years ago

Tutorial doesn't work :(

#21 MusiknLove on 9 years ago

I wasn't able to download the pattern. Is there a way you could possibly send it to me by otehr means? Thanks a million for the tutorial. =]

#22 A.-BLK-KT on 8 years ago

The pattern picture wont show up D;

#23 Annie-Mei on 6 years ago

Hi all, sorry to bump an old thread, but I've been seeing multiple requests for the pattern. I didn't realize that the pattern was "lost" in the first post

Please check the first post for the pattern

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