[Tutorial] Naruto - Kakashi's Formfitting Mask

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#1 Annie-Mei on 13 years ago

Update August 6, 2014: Pattern Link has been fixed!

[URL="http://www.cosplay.com/photo/1123428"]Kakashi's Form-Fitting Mask View 1[/URL]
[URL="http://www.cosplay.com/photo/1123427"]Kakashi's Form-Fitting Mask View 2[/URL]

I finally broke down and typed up a tutorial on how to sew up your very own Kakashi's (Naruto) form fitting mask. So for you Kakashi cosplayers out there, I hope you find the tutorial to your liking; and help make your cosplay even better! All of this can be done in about an hour (with a sewing machine).

1) Fabric - Jersey Knit or Stretchable Knit or similar
2) [url=http://www.dani-girl.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/kakashi_mask_pattern.jpg]Pattern[/url] - provided below
3) Velcro - to fasten mask about your neck and face.


First of all, you need a pattern. Provided here is a rough sketch of a pattern that you can use. This pattern is made for a neck of 14″ in circumference, so if you have a bigger neck or smaller one, alter the pattern to fit.

[url=http://www.dani-girl.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/kakashi_mask_pattern.jpg]Download pattern[/url]

The pattern is labeled with numbers and different colored lines. Green lines are where you will be sewing the pieces together. Blue lines represent the hem.

Thanks to Icey, for this suggestion: the Pattern again, is a generic pattern, so if you have larger neck, you have to adjust. Also, before cutting the pattern on your material, you may have to adjust the side numbered "2". This is the length between your nose and your chin. if you happen to have a longer face; measure the distance between the tip of your nose to your chin and adjust the pattern to fit.

Place your pattern on your folded material. Where it says “Place On Fold” this is where you will place that part of the pattern up to the fold of the fabric. Cut your pattern from your material. What you’ll end up is something like a butterfly look. Where 2 and 3 are circled, you’ll be sewing these two parts to each other.

Step 1: Sew the top Hem


Where it says 1 in a circle, go ahead and to a 1/4″ hem. Click on image to see the hem.

Here you want to be careful since any stretchable material tends to bunch under your sewing machine’s foot. Use slight pressure when guiding your material through the sewing machine. If you are hand sewing, be sure to hold material loosely so you do not overstretch it.

Step 2 & 3: Sew the 2’s together; Sew the 3’s together

With the top hem facing you, fold your material along the fold and then sew the material together where it says 2 and 3.


Step 4: Sew the bottom Hem


As with the top hem, sew a 1/4″ along the entire length of the mask.

Step 5: Sew the Side Hems


Sew your side hems; 1/4″ hem on each side. Here you can also modify to make your mask tighter around the neck as well. Try on, and get a feel of how it rests on your face.

Step 6: Sew on your Velcro


Now, all you have to do is add your velcro and voila! Your form fitting mask is all set to go!

#2 MidniteSunshine on 12 years ago

That's a pretty cool tutorial. I'm gonna have to make one of those masks even if I'll probably never cosplay Kakashi. It just looks so easy and the mask looks awesome. Good job and thanx for posting this.:D

#3 Dark_FluffyChan on 12 years ago

Omg this has been a great help for me. Thanks alot for posting! ^_^

#4 Solai Tsukada on 12 years ago

great tutorial, i didnt want to have my sister buy a mask for her ibuki so now i can make her one. it'd probably work for almost any ninja with a face mask actually. kudos :)

#5 daleluck1313 on 12 years ago

Wow, I'm going to have to make this for my super-secret cosplay ;)

#6 madara009 on 12 years ago

looks better than the one i bought on ebay! im gonna make 2

#7 lithe-fider on 12 years ago

So awesome - I doubt I'll ever cosplay kakashi but I just want one of these masks! *laugh* I'll make some for my friends, thanks for the pattern!! <33

#8 Shouri no Hana on 12 years ago

Haha, I was kinda scared I needed to buy a black mask instead of that dark gray my costume actually needs. Perfect!

#9 Sunarry on 12 years ago

Thank you, very helpful and simple!

#10 ItWasntMyIdea on 12 years ago

404 page not found when i try to get the pattern

#11 Annie-Mei on 12 years ago

server crash. I'll locate the pattern and reupload, to link

#12 trition on 12 years ago

Oh nose page not found! I hope you re upload the pattern soon!! I need a amake by this weekend *sweat drop*
Thankyou for making this tutorial!

#13 Annie-Mei on 12 years ago

I fixed the pattern link in the first post, and also made the post to my site.


#14 Icey on 12 years ago

Great tutorial/pattern. I made one to wear to a Halloween party and it turned out really good. One thing I found is that you may have to shorten or lengthen the line labeled 2 depending on how large your nose is. Mine is on the smaller side so when I followed the pattern exactly I had some excess fabric sticking out between my nose and chin. It's a minor adjustment, but you might want to do a mock up beforehand to ensure a custom fit. ^^

#15 Annie-Mei on 12 years ago

Hi Icey, thanks for that input, I'll post in the first post that one should measure the distance from their nose to their chin and adjust the pattern to that length. ^_^

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