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#1 Atreju Whetu on 11 years ago

#2 Admin on 11 years ago

These forums are mostly for discussing events in different countries. You are welcome to still discuss things in the Mexico forum if you wish.

#3 Bulma on 11 years ago

I do not agree either.
The best part of the spanish speakers sub-forum was to be able to meet cosplayers from all over the world who speaks the same language. I do not post much on the english forums, because my english is very bad and is hard for me to express myself on this language.
And I think it's unfair that all the interesting threads of the spanish speakers sections are now on the Mexico section, all uf us, chilenos, españoles, mexicanos, venezolanos, etc. contribute to those sections.

#4 kabuki_ikenie on 11 years ago

i think it was for the best: there was a lot of random speech on the spanish subforum and not some relevant topics about meeting another cosplayers of other spanish-language countries...

guys, don't be lazy: just go to the other subforums if you want to talk to other cosplayers... the spanish subforum was turning into a common chit-chat forum...

y no creo para NADA q esto sea unqa medida discriminatoria: no hay banderas de esos paises ya q no existe participacion de ellos en esta comunidad... cuando aparescan quizas ellos podran tener su seccion... esta separacion es por el orden de las conversaciones y no en pro del desorden y de los topic sin sentido....

#5 Atreju Whetu on 11 years ago

Of course we do not care to click one link or another, we are not that lazy.

We use the Spanish forums in order to resolve problems and many other stuff. To go chit-chat, we use msn, not a board. I haven't read every single thread of the forums as you would like, but I do have sent a private message to admin, who has not answered yet. I'm for the mixed way, as Bulma explained. It would be fine to have a common room to solve problems and another one for shall we say "internal affairs"

And by saying that the rest of the forum was a mess, you are the one who is discriminating a little bit. It was just a Spanish language post. Topic oriented, of course, but I think we all need fresh air from related topics from time to time, such as manga, anime, merchandising and so on. And for instance Belgium is not only the capital of European comics, but also has a big amount of 'euromanga' production, and many conventions, fans, magazines and so on. What I was trying to say was that I think the idea to associate a language to a flag is the worst way.

I understand that you like apples and I like oranges. I have no intention to start an ugly discussion.

The good thing is that has enlarged its borders and new countries (and thus, languages) are now included.

#6 sektor_ki on 11 years ago

i will say this on spannish cause its the best way to express what im feeling right now


No quiero ser mala onda ni nada por el estilo, pero si se han fijado, el segmento de cosplay com en español era todo un desorden, se mesclaban temas de juntas de un pais, con otro y la verdad que era algo muy engorroso

si quieren compartir en tematicas al igual con sus camaradas de otros paises, pq no simplemente postean en los paises que les interesa tambien, tal como lo hicieron algunos brazileños, y eran mas que bienvenidos a opinar

no lo veo como "discriminacion" (de hecho discriminacion seria que no hubiera siquiera un espacio para que nosotros coonversaramos y nos coordinaramos) simplemente lo veo como el primer paso para ordenar y coordinar la actividad de los cosplayers en diversas partes del mundo

y si empiezan a aparecer cosplayers de otras parte del mundo y quieren tener su seccion, no veo cual es el problema, solo basta que le envien un mensaje al admin y listo

pero por lo visto, es normal ver siempre gente que se hace problemas al ver cambios, si esto es distinto, al menos den un tiempo para ver si funsiona, en una de esas podrian tomarse con gratas sorpresas

y bueno, si ademas quisieran conversar con gente de otros lados del mundo sin discriminacion en absoluto, simplemente participen en las secciones mas arriba del foro de, se que esta en ingles, pero ahi toda la gente de todos lados pueden participar

y eso, nuevamente explico, esto no lo digo con malas intensiones ni nada, solo es mi opinion

#7 kabuki_ikenie on 11 years ago

tiene q seguir este topic? no lo creo... sek, creo q dejaste una muy buena explicacion y concuerdo con lo q tu dices...

ademas q este es un foro de COSPLAY... no de manga, anime, merchadising, etc... para eso hay subforos especificos para eso...

y porfavor, si van a dejar una opinion, lean bien los posts!!

pedire q cierren este topic

#8 Admin on 11 years ago

As this issue has been explained further in the site headquarters and the full intent has shown it is premature to be concerned about the issue, I am closing this thread to avoid further misunderstanding requiring further explanations.