What are you wearing for Megacon 2012

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#1 CDF_Vagabond on 7 years ago

What are your plans for a costume for Megacon 2012. For the convention I plan to have my Halo Legends Prototype Suit, My Rock Golem (made with a zentai suit and a lot of matress foam), Halo Reach Emile, and I don't know what else but I plan to have two others as well. Still hoping to find some photos of my Halo 3 ODST that I wore Friday and Sunday for the 2011 Convention.

#2 NeonBunnyGirl on 7 years ago

As of right now I'm planning on going as Ren from DearS and leina from Queen's Blade, I'll probably be bringing my Mad Moxxi and Fursuit along too just incase. I won't really know what I'm bringing along until it gets closer to the con date lol its still pretty far away.

#3 HatsukeMix on 7 years ago

Well...if I'm able to go..I'll probably be John Egbert, Nepeta Leijon and Feferi Peixes from Homestuck or Maybe John, Canada From Hetalia and Stan Marsh from South Park :P:P But..We've all got time to spare for planning, since it's pretty far off. the next thing I'm looking at is Chibi-pa...>.<

#4 Xerxes Break on 7 years ago

Hmm.. well for right now it's Lightning from FFXIII, and Miku Hatsune. I may add in another one in a few months. xD

#5 Future Hokage on 7 years ago

As of right now i have Tsubaki from bleach-Gambit Xmen-and undecided.

#6 Foos on 7 years ago

Holy crap, it's so far away I haven't even begun to consider. If I pick anything this early on, my motivation will dry up, lol.

#7 NiGHTmaren on 7 years ago

I agree, still too early. I have ideas of what I would like to do for next year, but that's just a general idea and things always change. I'll probably know around December.

#8 Kitsune on 7 years ago

My friends want to do a massive Sailor Moon group; I think that's all I have cemented right now. I wish I had gotten in early enough on the group to cosplay Sailor Pluto! I still have that costume half-finished, sitting in my closet. However, I am continuing a recent trend with LOTS OF BODYSUITS and going as Alien Ann for the group. I'm excited, especially since I have an Alien Alan. &lt;3

I'll probably be bringing Gambit and Squirrel Girl as well, and possibly Katniss if I finally finish her.

#9 NekoMimiChan on 7 years ago

It's still so far away! A few friends and I are planning a Chobits group, I'll be Kotoko. If I can figure out the headpiece and the body paint, I'll also be bringing Aria from Mass Effect 2.

However, I'm most excited about cosplaying as Ripley from the Alien movie franchise. I love those movies and there is a severe lack of Ripley cosplayers out there. Trying to decide whether to make her flame-thrower from the first movie or the pulse rifle from the second.

#10 PosiTori on 7 years ago

Friends of mine got a huge Monster High group going for Saturday. Should be fun if we all pull it off :)

#11 Harls on 7 years ago

I would love to see the Monster High group, looks so awesome :)

Hmmm I really want to go but I'm not sure what cosplay I'll do. Probably Black Cat.

#12 aMURica on 7 years ago

My goal is to make a decent Marth (from Fire Emblem) cosplay by then. There's an open group on facebook that's trying to assemble a massive Super Smash Brothers meet-up. We're trying to get every character, maybe even including the alternate colours.

#13 WingsofValmar on 7 years ago

One of my goals is to have my Thor Girl cosplay ready for a Thor comics group. I'll also have a Zorin Blitz cosplay ready by then for a Hellsing Millennium Organization group, too. I'm not entirely sure what my other cosplay will be yet.

#14 schmemy on 7 years ago

It looks like I'm going to be Sober Gamzee from Homestuck with perhaps a Nepeta/Jade and maybe a Dolorosa/John, depending on what they decide. 8) All from Homestuck!

#15 Nobody XII on 7 years ago

Planned Cosplays:
Celty Sturluson

I'm still trying to pick what I wanna wear/make as a third and fourth cosplay, because I've heard cosplaying as Taokaka is..tough (It's extremly hot and awkward)...sooo I guess we'll see ^^