clow card cosplay queries

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#1 SHERlocked93 on 6 years ago

I am attempting to make some clow card cosplays as my next project, and one of my chosen (the FIGHT card) is giving me a little trouble.
Basically, I have no idea where to start: what material to use, how to do the hair, etc.
My other problem is that I'm not the slimmest of people, so I want to make a cosplay that is at least vaguely flattering.
Is there anyone out there who has made this cosplay before or who has any suggestions? Anything would be greatfully recieved!! (^^)
Arigatou gozaimasu!! :toothy:

For references to the card:

#2 CorporatePuppet on 6 years ago

I think The Fight card is totally awesome! I love seeing Clow card cosplays^-^I wanna do 'The Mirror' and 'The Power' card someday~

this cosplayers has done a Fight cosplay:[url][/url]

perhaps you could PM her.

with the wig...

the two hair things that stick out ( I donno the name-_-):

1. I'd buy a separate long white wig and take the wefts from that.
2. stick the 'harvest' wefts onto a strip of cardboard paper and remembering to stick wefts on both sides of the cardboard.
3. with some more hair wefts, I'd make two 'ponytail' like bunches and tie it with an clear elastic. (use alot of elastics it alot)
4. the big blue bands, make them out of probably foam/ whatever you want and form it into a ring, I would hot glue some of those small claw clips onto the foam then cover with material. so that when you attach it to your wig you just gotta clip it on.
5. after all that is done, i'd attach it the (parts) to the inside part of the bands.first the cardboard glued wefts then the separet bunch weft.
6. attach to bands to wig then style.

if I was doing the wig that's what I'd do U-U ask around in the wig section on here for proper help on this ^-^ cos i dont' think my way make [email protected][email protected]

donno about the costume :/ sorry.

don't worry if your a bigger cosplayer. size shouldn't restrict you from doing what you want! if you want to be the fight card THEN you shall be the fight card! >:D I'm a bigger cosplayer and I do the characters that I wanna do.There's no such thing as looking exactly like the character in the show, it can never happen, you can look similar but not an exact match.

I've seen bigger Sailor moon cosplayers that looked Heapz good! I like fall to my feet cos there [U]THAT [/U] good!

personally when I look at cosplayers the first thing that hits my mind is the costume and nothing else. not their size, or nationality. it's all about the costume :L

yet if your uneasy with doing the Fight card, maybe do something else, like the flower card or something. but do the character you wanna do :]

anyhow~ I wish you the best of luck with your Fight card cosplay