Yuko cosplay advice? Reference inside

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#1 maskedrose on 6 years ago


I want to do this outfit.. I actually have a black corset with 25 steel bones so I'm going to just wear that and put red laces in the front like in the picture. (I feel like this is cheating since I wouldn't be making the corset in this case.. but having an excuse to wear a 100 dollar corset that I bought just cuz I wanted it...)

I can't really tell from the picture but is this just a kimono? Or could I at least take a kimono pattern and modify it a bit to work for this outfit?

Pattern suggestions would be welcome (I do have a kimono pattern but it looks a bit difficult to follow... but maybe thats because I've never bothered opening the package :-P )


#2 Mehdia on 6 years ago

I wouldn't say it is a full kimono pattern. The upper part looks like a kimono falling off the shoulders. The bottom part looks like it has a side split up the side. I would suggest making a bodice like a kimono and then make a skirt with the side split. The waistband of the skirt and bottom hem of the bodice would be hidden under the corset.

#3 benihime on 6 years ago

you COULD use a kimono pattern, just make sure the slit goes all the way over to the side and just not in the middle, bu it would probably easier to make it two parts

#4 maskedrose on 6 years ago

Hmmmmmm. Well, I've been doing some thinking... what if I just made a modified kimono(to suit the lower neckline)... and then made a side slit like a karate gi? [IMG]http://www.japanbudo.com/images/2011KTW【改】.jpg[/IMG]

This sort of occured to me today in karate class, actually.


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