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#1 Shinigamia on 7 years ago

Hello, all.

So, I have a friend who is planning to cosplay a formal version of Lt. Hawkeye to an upcoming convention. (I'm going to do a formal Roy to match her. >:]) We plan to have the back of her dress be super low so she can show the awesome tattoo on Hawkeye's back. However, I have very little experience in the world of body art. Does anyone know what I could use so that I could draw or stencil the tattoo on her back a day or so beforehand that will only need touchup each morning of the convention despite showers (and where I might find it)? The goal is to have it last 4 or 5 days (though up to a couple weeks would be totally fine) with only a little fading in the interim.
The original idea was to use Copic markers or some other sort of artist marker, but that seems rather ineffective and expensive...:P Not to mention, marker tends to look like -marker- on skin, instead of tattooed ink. I know there are those airbrush tattoos out there, but I've got a feeling that acquiring airbrushers might be rather expensive (unless I can just use normal marker/ink/paint airbrushers?)

Many thanks!

(This thread will hopefully help those out there who want to cosplay Scar, too).

#2 PepMaster on 7 years ago

The way I've done temp tattoos is a bit tricky but it can get good results. You'll want to use a inkjet printer and make sure you flip the pattern you want to work with using image software first. Once you do that take a sheet of paper and lightly coat it using a stick of deodorant. You just want a film like layer.

Print the design onto the paper and press it against the skin. You can dab water lightly on the back of the paper if you need to so you get a clean release when you peel up the paper. I recommend when you play with the design in the software make it a darker color because when you press it against the skin it might come out light colored. You can also take waterbased paint after the design is on and a non-stiff paintbrush and color it more using that.

#3 Nay Tamaru on 5 years ago

Maybe using acrylic paint. Its mostly water proof but if you put a lot or too thick it might flake off eventually.

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#4 AdventurerEmily on 5 years ago

Alcohol-activated makeup. It is pretty much waterproof, can be applied sheerly or lightly covered with foundation to look like a tattoo, and will be smudgeproof (essential if you're going to sleep on it). [URL=""]FX Warehouse[/URL] sells a bunch of alcohol-activated palettes that would suit your needs. They are a little pricey, but one palette will last you ages and ages and can be used for tons of things.