August photoshoot: GasuKan 8.0

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#1 Kumi-chan on 12 years ago

Welcome to GasuKan 8.0!

[b]Theme[/b]: [i]"Connected through Memories"/"Baby, the Stars Shine Bright"[/i]
[b]Date[/b]: Sunday, August 17th
[b]Time[/b]: start gathering around noon
[b]Meetup location[/b]: Edmonds waterfront (Brackett's Landing/Edmonds Underwater Park)
[b]Other locations[/b] (may be used during the shoot): Downtown Edmonds, ferry to Kingston, Kingston

[b]Brackett's Landing:[/b]
The park is located directly north of the Edmonds terminal of the Kingston ferry. Take I-5 to Edmonds and follow the signs towards the ferry. Don't get in the ferry lanes. Turn left towards the ferry at the intersection at the front of the ferry lane. Turn right into the Brackett's landing parking lot immediately across the railroad tracks.

The parking lot right in front of the park is a bit small, and has a 3-hour time limit. There is also a pay parking lot across the street that is much larger, and a larger free lot down the street past the Senior Center. Pay parking is $5 for a couple hours, $8 for all day. The free lot has a 3-hour time limit.

If you're coming by bus:
[url=]From Lynnwood Transit Center[/url]
[url=]From Aurora Village Transit Center[/url]
[url=]From Bellevue Transit Center[/url]

Keep in mind that local community transit (including those that will take you back to the Transit Centers/Park & Rides) has its last run of the night around 8:00 p.m. on Sundays. If you want to stick around longer and you're counting on the bus to get you back to Seattle, make sure you arrange for transportation to a nearby Park & Ride.

#2 The~Wind on 12 years ago

I put in for Point Defiance. It's really nice in the summer, and near the water, with beaches and plenty of nice scenery.

Though, if we want something up north... Edmonds is really nice. The area by the ferry and simply downtown. I wouldn't mind trekking up there for a photoshoot. I've been itching to take pictures of people and various things up there. Maybe I'll bust out my B&W film and have some fun. I know I would love to use my baby with some color film and take fun shots of cosplayers.

If people were willing, maybe hope across the water to Kingston? I would like to venture to Bellingham one of these days.

#3 Kumi-chan on 12 years ago

Eee...I'm all for Edmonds! *puppy-dog eyes* And it's really easy to get there from Seattle: hop on the 511 (get on somewhere between Uwajimaya's and the area around the Convention Center), ride it north to the Lynnwood Transit Center, get on the 114/115/116 to Edmonds, ride to the end of the line. The beach here is very pretty, I've been wanting to hold a shoot since May!

Kingston would be really nice, but it does cost money to take the ferry. So everyone who would be interested in going over for a few hours would have to be aware of that. Otherwise, we could just stick around the beach/park and bother downtown Edmonds when it gets to be dinnertime (nice photo ops there, too.)

#4 PrincessLulu on 12 years ago


my grandparents live 5 min from the waterfront!

I could totaly ask them where a local park that is not usualy to terribly busy, and is close to the water!

Edmonds wins my vote! and as for the date, it dont really matter what weekend because i will bring cake no matter what :3

#5 cpardo on 12 years ago

Hmmm sounds far...*whine whine* Sounds good though.

The dates...well with the process of elimination in effect that narrows it down a bit. The 17th sounds like the best date I think. Anything before is too soon, and anything after there will be conventions. My two cents.

#6 The~Wind on 12 years ago

I agree with Carlos. The 17th sounds like a great day to have it. ^_^ I should get payed by then, so hopefully I'll be able to make my Touya jacket. I already have everything else.

#7 BiZ on 12 years ago

Edmunds sounds nice~Lulu's grandparents probably can tell us where to find a nice stretch of water where few travel. People who live in the area always know nice secrets like that. :]

#8 Kumi-chan on 12 years ago

The~Wind: Dangit, now I want to make a Sakura outfit. Darn you :P

Wait...I've got a Princess Sakura outfit coming up for Aki Con. So theoretically, I need to order a wig, right? So there wouldn't be harm in doing so a little early, right?
And her school uniform would be easy to make...and I've been planning on doing it sometime anyway, and I might have the fabric for the top and hat anyway...

#9 The~Wind on 12 years ago


Yay Kumi! Bredward is doing Yukito!

#10 Airika on 12 years ago

*puppy dog eyes too*
Ooo,I hope we choose Edmonds, also because, that past Gasukans have been in Seattle and for us more up North, it'd be nice for change. *looks at empty wallet of gas money* >.>;;

I'm curious to see what this months themes will be. :3

#11 Kumi-chan on 12 years ago

*shakes fist ineffectively* Don't tempt me, Oniichan!

Well, maybe a little. Wonder if I can get green contacts in time?
(cpardo, you up to doing someone a bit Bruce Lee-inspired?)

Airika: psst, check head post!

And I guess that effectively answers the question of which version of the wand I'd have to do. Fall version of the uniform, right?

#12 PrincessLulu on 12 years ago

ohhh im gettin so excited now :D

Ill call the grandparents this weekend and find out if there is anywhere nice and open for us crazies to have our fun :3

#13 Justke on 12 years ago

I vote for Edmonds too!!!!! 8D Totally not because I live up north, oh no.....

#14 PhotoPanda on 12 years ago

YAY! Edmonds!

even tho i dont know where it is...tho i do live up north tho!

#15 Fang of Critias on 12 years ago

What also needs to be considered for those taking Metro is that it's considerably harder to take it as effectively on a Sunday. Not that I don't already know how to get to Edmonds by bus, but on a Sunday schedule, it'll still be difficult for me to get there from Renton.

And this also means I'll have to try my damnedest to find a blue jacket for my latest two-in-one (maybe even three-in-one) cosplay; that is, assuming there will be more people cosplaying from Haruhi.