Who's going to NDK 2011??!

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#1 i_love_yuki on 8 years ago

I'm going!! XD I'll be attending as Kagome and Rukia! Anyone else doing Bleach or Inuyasha?

#2 Cosplay_Kitten on 8 years ago

I'm going if and only if I can beat the attendance cap. Funds are tight right now and getting that pre-reg in is kind of sucking. If I end up making it there I'll be wearing Xerxes Break's artbook outfit from Pandora Hearts and probably Oz's younger version outfit from Pandora Hearts on my downtime at the convention. Heres hoping for getting pre-reg in as well as getting the costume done.

#3 xUchihaHikarix on 8 years ago

Update: Going as...
Deidara (From Naruto)
Naruto (Naruto)
Sohma Kyo (Fruits Basket)
Pikachu Gijinka form (Pokemon
and Casual Naruto. (Naruto)

And my cousin is going as...
Uchiha Itachi (Naruto)
Casual Itachi (Naruto)
And Luxray Gijinka form (Pokemon) (Maybe, still working on it)

He's such a nice cousin, going as stuff from the same series as me. :3 Except Kyo because he doesn't watch Fruits Basket.

#4 Lightane on 8 years ago

I'll be going! But my only for sure cosplay so far is Yoko from TTGL. Father Time with my Mom as Mother Earth is a high possibility as well. ^^

#5 Aearon on 8 years ago

I wish I could. I'm not in Colorado anymore though. >.

#6 Prota-Girl on 8 years ago

This would/will be my first Nan Desu Kan, and I am aiming to be Male!Stocking from Panty and Stocking and the Medicine Seller from Mononoke.


#7 heaven56 on 8 years ago

Still hoping to go. Costumes are still under construction. They change daily.

#8 NagiNaoe101 on 8 years ago

I'm considering....considering due to some rumors running around, i really dislike rumors

#9 EXEC_HYMME_MACARON on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=NagiNaoe101;3755730]I'm considering....considering due to some rumors running around, i really dislike rumors[/QUOTE]

..Out of curiousity what would those rumors be? Feel free to PM if you're more comfortable with that
thanks ♥

#10 Inoli on 8 years ago

I've got Kaien Shiba and Shunsui to choose from for Bleach ;D

I WILL be there as BlackSwordsman this year >D outside of that.... might be more Sainkokku or Saiyuki

#11 Aurora's Heart on 8 years ago

I'm going. I'll be running around in my finished HT Kairi, Umi (other worlds version), the Fight Card from Cardcaptor Sakura, and providing I can figure it out, a totally awsome secret cosplay for the contest. I may also bring a finished version of my FFX Rikku.

#12 QuintenCain on 8 years ago

I'm definitely going! We've planned Hayate and Sasame from Pretear, Jak and Daxter from JakIII, Magnet Len and Kaito, and probably something else, but I'm not sure what yet. ^^

#13 Calidath on 8 years ago

Ooh! Me, me, me! I am! :3 But unfortunately, this will be my last year at NDK. D:

I'll be Kozato Enma and Gilbert Nightray.

#14 spikethegoddess on 8 years ago

I will be going as an Asari Justicar from Mass Effect 2. Any one else going to be from ME?

#15 Creative Genius on 8 years ago

I'll be going as Pyramid Head..like I do every year lol
Sailor moon, and Yoko

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