One Piece '11 Gathering

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#1 blkriku on 9 years ago

One Piece 2011 Gathering

Hey everyone, I decided to get this thread for our gathering started. One Piece is always a great gathering so let's make this one the best yet.

[B]Day: Saturday
Time: 2:30
Location: FiF MS
Event: Davy Back Games. 2:10 (before Gathering)[/B]

Throw down your wanted posters and declare who you shall be!

(pre time-skip)
Monkey D. Luffy: Rette(Strong World), MinaotoBot(Fem)
Nami: somegirlkatie(Water 7), PsychicPsycho(Strong World)
Robin: squarebubblex, Seven(Strong World)

(post time-skip)
Monkey D. Luffy: Eliteslayer, MinaotoBot
Sanji: DerangedGenius


Boa: Iroha, Dare9179
Doflamingo: Ichnob
Crocodile: Hanshi
Mihawk: Kaizoku-Syn

Miss Valentine: Shichikou
Miss All Sunday: Shichikou's friend
Mr. 2: Shichikou's friend
Mr. 3: Shichikou's friend
Miss Goldenweek: Shichikou's friend
Miss Doublefinger: Shichikou's friend
Miss Father's Day: Shichikou's friend


Ace: luffy77
Shanks: Stabbityblkmage(Strong World)
Fat Alvida: Spyro
Young Coby: Jin


[U]Other One Piece Related Events [/U]

Any other events, meet ups, photo shoots, Day-0, etc. Offer it up so we can all know about it.

*Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.*

#2 Eliteslayer on 9 years ago

Alright, you know I'm gonna be there! With any luck I'll have the post-time-skip Luffy ready by then, so you can add me to the list as him.

#3 Shichikou on 9 years ago

I"ll be there. Haven't decide on what to wear yet. But i'll be there for sure

#4 Neoqueenhoneybee on 9 years ago

I will also be at fanime, but I haven't decided if I'll be cosplaying OP yet. I suppose it depends on what other OP cosplays people are doing. ^_^;;

#5 Shichikou on 9 years ago

I"m sooo tempted to cosplay Wiper for Fanime.. Buttt.. i have restrictions to that. Since i'll be moving to another state. i can'g hog around a giant Bazooka. LOL

#6 junkeemunky on 9 years ago

It's awesome that people are already planning the new Mugiwara outfits! I don't know who I'll be dressed up as for next Fanime, but I'll be sure to post when I have an idea.

#7 Shichikou on 9 years ago

Ah! I got it. I might be Unlimited Cruise Nami~ finally

#8 Toshi_Riku on 9 years ago

I think I have a general idea of who I'm going as but I might change XD

#9 BSaphire on 9 years ago

To all gathering and event organizers:
Please read the info on the first post here:

If you want your cosplayer gathering or cosplayer event to appear on the Gathering Info Boards at Fanime Con in 2011 you MUST have a Fanime Forum thread. I will add your thread url with your Fanime forum url, but organizers must have all listed urls 1st post formatted with required info.

Threads url list is here:

Gatherings & Events List thread is the 1st post here:
Be sure to read and understand the dates listed on this post.
2nd post is Q & A on commonly asked questions on gatherings and events.
3rd post has set up of 1st post and submission information.

Gathering and Event threads clean up will start December 1, 2010 in that section of the Fanime Con forum so please make sure you maintain your threads there also.

If you have any questions please PM me on the Fanime Forums or you can send me an email at:
[email][email protected][/email]

Thank you

#10 blkriku on 9 years ago

Done and done BSaphire

#11 blkriku on 9 years ago

1 month til the new year, get those "I'm ganna finish these cosplays before the con" resolutions ready

#12 somegirlkatie on 9 years ago

I'm going to try to be there as Water 7 Arc Nami. :3 If all goes well! XD

#13 blkriku on 9 years ago

added katie

#14 blkriku on 9 years ago

Happy Holidays everyone


#15 Neoqueenhoneybee on 9 years ago

On the poll I chose Friday, but I'd gladly take Sunday if that is a better day for everyone else! (If the OP meet in on Saturday I won't be able to attend.)