Alphonse ~ armoured version

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#1 yatza on 6 years ago

ok so i haven't been into anime or cosplaying for very long, and decided id take the dive and get right into. FMA was the second anime i have ever watched and alphonse just came across as THE favourite character. so naturally i had to cosplay as him.

searching for pep files brought me to pep masters thread on here and i set to work.

all up start to finish it took me 6 weeks (maybe less, i didnt take a whole lot of notice)
it isnt 100% but it will be worked on and improved over the next year or so.





#2 lelia12 on 6 years ago

oh my gosh! you did that in 6 weeks with only minor previous experience?! I tip my hat to you good sir, your Alphonse is fantastic!

#3 Hallowin on 6 years ago

OMG, ur talented, cool!

#4 yatza on 6 years ago

cheers guys, means a lot for a new cosplayer.

Vic Mignogna really loved the costume. got a photo with him and got him to sign it for me =]


#5 interstellarowl on 6 years ago

That's beautiful man, you should totally write a how to guide, my buddy has been wondering how to implement an al cosplay.

#6 animenerd93 on 6 years ago

gorgeous dude. only thing id say is to weather the "metal" a little otherwise its epic

#7 yatza on 5 years ago

hey guys!

so its been a while since i've been on here. and i did update my costume for a convention early this year. and well pictures say more then words, so here are a couple of them




#8 Masenkohuh on 5 years ago

OMG that is AWESOME! Epic cosplay! Seriously consider writing a tutorial please! Definitely one of the best Al's I've ever seen!

#9 MissLunatic on 5 years ago

This is just wow O.O! I have heard quite some ppl talking about taking up the challenge of this cosplay. But I have never seen a single finished version at a con up till now, not to mention such a good one O.O. I'm really impressed and it's a shame that I won't be able to see it for real.
Besides it's a bonus that you even had Xiao-Mei with you xD, very cute! Have to admit I didn't notice at first, since the cosplay on itself was just too much of an eye-catcher.

#10 yatza on 5 years ago

well i dont really have anything in the guide sense but i do have an album of build photos on my facebook cosplay page.

[URL=""]Alchemic Cosplay[/URL]

thanks very much for the feedback too =D i dont think ill be doing any other work to this costume. ill be retiring it soon and maybe building a better one in the future

#11 sky1ess on 5 years ago

How exactly do you seal and undercoat this?

#12 yatza on 5 years ago

hey mate,

to seal the foam all you need to do is a few coats of PVA glue. or ELMERS glue as its called in some places. may even just be called wood glue.

then you can use light coats of spray paint straight over the top. the paint does keep some flexibilty by doing light coats, but will crinkle and peel if to bend it around too much

#13 PepMaster on 5 years ago

Excellent work Yatza