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#1 cowsrcute on 5 years ago

I been searching around to find out what to use for body paint and lotsa people like Kryolan acquacolor but I can't find it anywhere. I searched the thread and clicked on links people had but I think the stores don't sell them there anymore. I saw BenNye and Mehron. =T Anyways, are these still around? I can do BenNye instead but I saw some thread said it was oily and I don't really wanna be oily all day. D= Thanks! I didn't see much on Mehron so I kinda want something most people use since I never used body paint. I haven't even used makeup. D= Sooo, in case I get stuck, I'd like to be able to find more info on the stuff. Anyways, thanks!

#2 animenerd93 on 5 years ago

specialty theater costume and makeup supply shops sell it and its really popular online too
[url][/url] more info on the product
[url][/url] this is the store i buy from in san diego,ca. really cool people there and this is their online site

#3 Tigersoul on 5 years ago

Personally I like Wolfe, but I buy my stuff online here:

Sure laugh, but, Sign up for their newsletter first --- they send out coupon codes for 10-15% off EVERY SINGLE WEEK sometimes with free shipping included!

#4 animenerd93 on 5 years ago

i also prefer wolfe...

#5 Emrys on 5 years ago

I like Snazaroo face paint because I can get it at local art suppliers/hobby stores (I know they carry it in stores at Dick Blick Art [and sometimes at Hobby Lobby >:| ] and I just wait for sales/coupons). It is water based so it isn't oily (it's meant for kid's face painting, and is non-irritating), and it doesn't flake or rub off easily once it is dry. The theatrical grade stuff is harder to find in stores unless you already know a supplier, or you have to order online.

#6 Hikaruhime on 5 years ago

I also buy from Have ordered from them a few times now and never had issues. They have a great color selection of Kryolan Aquacolor too.

#7 cowsrcute on 5 years ago

Thank you so much everyone. =D Thank you for the info and stuff too. =)

#8 NeonGenki on 5 years ago

just purchased some kryolan aquacolor for my homestuck cosplay and I absolutely love the stuff! But learn from my mistake, the best thing to use when applying it are kabuki brushes since its water activated. I feel silly for not realizing it before but regular makeup sponges will NOT work since they absorb water
I purchased mine from Clown Antics and it came to me super fast

#9 cowsrcute on 5 years ago

Thanks for warning. =o Not silly, I never even thought of that. lol