Skyward Sword Impa - pattern and fabric?

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#1 a n g e l i n a on 6 years ago

Hey all!

I'm highly considering swapping out Ghirahim for Impa for my SS cosplay group.

The only thing is I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to sewing, and I'm both unsure of what kind of fabric to use for this costume, what kind of process should I use for the pattern on the fabric (two separate fabrics sewn on? fabric tape? paint?) as well as I have NO idea what actual pattern to use for the top and poofy pants which I kind of want to make as one body suit.

All help will be super appreciated!

Here's like, the best reference picture of any character in existence:


Edit: My bad! I'll be moving this to the sewing forum!

#2 a n g e l i n a on 5 years ago

Any advice ^^?

#3 PSY-chan on 5 years ago

You may have better luck posting in the "Sewing" or "General Construction" forums.