Greetings from Chicago

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#1 iamrelevart on 5 years ago

Hello! I'm relatively new to the cosplay world and I've really enjoyed it so far. I was Rorschach at a recent ACEN in chicago. This year I'm, planning to go as Vash and Ulquiorra. I've got the artistic talent of a marooned fish when it comes to costume stuff so I'm generally looking to find a reliable commissionee :alien:.

#2 Kumoshi on 5 years ago

Welcome to! Good luck finding a commissioner. I bet the cosplays will turn out great ^-^

#3 iamrelevart on 5 years ago

Yeah, I've already found commisioners for vash's gun and coat for the upcoming ACEN. I am super excited!

#4 the1stpkmnfan on 5 years ago

Hi there! :D

If you're looking for a comissioner, and one with fair pricings, you could try The artist, Jen has some amazing talent. Her prices are negotiable too, and at fair pricing. She made me a plushie of Pabu, and it turned out great!

#5 iamrelevart on 5 years ago

Thank you, I will look into it!