Corpse Party

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#1 Kaze Saffire on 6 years ago

Anybody played it? If so, how in the hell did you go about playing/beating it? Haven't played it myself, fearing stuff jumping out at me after hearing a friend talk about it ( couldn't even watch a video on youtube after hearing a scream in the intro ) I read some walkthroughs and saw some screenshots and everything looks/sounds so gruesome. And pausing the game to stall for time doesn't work at points. That's crazy. Plus pretty much everything you do leads to a bad end.

#2 StrawberryVaria on 6 years ago

It's my favorite game! The story and characters are so intriguing that you'll want to continue on even if it kills you.

#3 KazuyaMinegishi on 6 years ago

Ooh, I love Corpse Party. But I watched a very long playthrough video with all the endings and extra scenes. If I tried to play it I'd probably scream whenever something chases me down. Yoshiki though. ;_; He's the nicest character.