Anime Central 2012 : Did You Take My Picture? Thread

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#1 NiGHTmaren on 6 years ago

This thread is for requesting photos of YOU in costume at ACEN 2012. Be sure to state the character/series/day you wore the costume, and sometimes a specific description will help especially if you were cosplaying as a popular character!

If you want to post photos YOU TOOK at the convention, please refer to the thread below:


Thanks and good luck finding photos of yourself in costume!

#2 Harks on 6 years ago

Anyone catch me as the Happy Mask Salesman on Saturday?

#3 likeredgold on 6 years ago

Did anyone happen to catch a photo of me as Steve Burnside from Resident Evil Code: Veronica? I was going around with a Claire Redfield too 8D I believe most of the pictures were taken on Saturday but someone might have caught us on Friday! If you could pm me with them that would be awesome.

#4 MezzyChuu on 6 years ago

If anyone photographed a Hell Girl on Friday or a Triana Orpheus on Saturday, that was me!! pretty sure I was the only one of both wandering around the con, as well.... >o<

#5 PhallicSquid on 6 years ago

Anyone catch Nurse Joy on Friday? I was at the Pokemon photoshoot that day as well.

#6 Mikomi Hatake on 6 years ago

I'm looking for photos of me dressed as Mad Moxxi from Borderlands. (Friday & Saturday)

#7 Dramakana26 on 6 years ago

I would like to see who got pictures of me please >u&lt;

i was also Mami tomoe [with a kyubey plushie] on friday as well as Syo kurusu From Uta no prince sama

#8 deathingrasp on 6 years ago

I was Princess Belle (in the blue/white milkmaid dress) Fri and Sun.

Saturday I was Catwoman with a very small steam punk twist (goggles, etc).

Anyone spot me in their own gallery or anyone else's? :D thanks!

#9 Brasilianman on 6 years ago

Hey guys, this was my first Anime Central since moving to IL and I was the small Kirby roaming the halls of the Hyatt. The one that I wore is a new revamped v2.0 of my original cosplay. Wondering who took shots of me with it.

#10 Flombone-Emi on 6 years ago

My best friend and I were dressed (respectively) as Suit Saber/Irisviel from Fate Zero on Friday and Sunday and as Sayaka/Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica on Saturday!

I also had 2 friends in Keion uniforms (Mugi/Mio and Yui) and a friend dressed as Saber Lion.

If you have pics, please send them to me! Thanks!

#11 Flombone-Emi on 6 years ago

Double Post

#12 Nicholas IX on 6 years ago

Looking for Noel Kreiss from Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Snow Villiers from XIII-2 not the old Snow but the black and red one. I think we were the only ones. There was also a crossplaying Hope, a Sereh, and a Lightning from final fantasy 13 in our group. If you took a picture of me then thank you very much.

#13 Keirii21 on 6 years ago

I was dressed as Flandre Scarlet on Friday with my friend as Marisa and on Sat/Sun I was Kaiko :D

If you have any pics, please send me a message, thanks!

#14 TwoHandsRevy on 6 years ago

I was Nathan Drake Fri & Sat ^^ if there are any pics out there.

#15 Frey on 6 years ago

I was dressed as Kanda Yuu (3rd Uniform) from D.Gray-Man on Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday (@ photoshoot and masquerade)--the one with the slightly sloppy (u_u) blue wig.

: D also, I was Gary Oak from first-gen Pokemon on Friday (@ Pokemon Photoshoot), Saturday late at night and Sunday all day (@ mostly the dealer's hall and skybridge).

Any pictures of me, or my friends (Ordon Link, Skyloft Link, Yami from YGO, General Cross, Miranda, Lavi, Bak or Allen) Would be much appreciated! Thank you! :3