Professional Cosplay(costumes, wigs, and props)

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#1 errido on 6 years ago

#2 DiaStar791 on 6 years ago

how much would a Hone Onna wig from Hell Girl cost?

#3 errido on 6 years ago

[QUOTE=kkroxas2011;4368006]Can I get an update on my wig?[/QUOTE]

Your wig is almost done. I will send you pictures once they are ready to be shipped ;D

#4 errido on 6 years ago

❤Bump with a passion❤

#5 Li_Syaoran on 6 years ago

Can i get a quote on Kagamine Len Fleeting Moon Flower along with the wig?
here's ref pic

sent Email

#6 Magic Man on 6 years ago

Can I get a quote on a Cloud Strife (FF7 version) wig? Thanks!

#7 xskyskipper on 6 years ago

Do you have any examples of props you have made? :D

#8 Shishigami on 6 years ago

Emailed you in regards to a Doctor Who wig

#9 Jei-Cos on 6 years ago

Hey again, you do shoes right? would these Kingdom Hearts Cloud ones be possible?

better picture:

#10 Karawr on 6 years ago

Could you do something like this, and if so how much would something like this cost? It'd be the skirt/jacket that I'd need and it'd be a rush job. (I'd need it by the middle of June)

In Game Reference:

RL Reference:

#11 errido on 6 years ago


#12 Cloudsofsand on 6 years ago

How much would tsugaru!shizuo's cosplay be?

#13 errido on 6 years ago

[QUOTE=Cloudsofsand;4381999]How much would tsugaru!shizuo's cosplay be?[/QUOTE]


#14 kurokun on 6 years ago

Thank you for accepting our commision for the Haruna/Ayumu outfit from Kore wa Zombia desu ka. We are looking forward to seeing your work and happy to be working with you. :)

#15 kurokun on 6 years ago

Sorry for the double post. is still acting a little wacky.