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#1 ajisaiareku on 7 years ago

I have a question for some input on. I made Sakura Hime's dress, the one which is black/pink with the large crown on the front and the enormous amounts of pink ruffles. When I wear it I feel lacking since it's just a giant gown but that's it. I was wondering would it be practical to add other pieces of what Sakura uses in the series to make it more complex? To elaborate on this I was thinking of either adding her dream wings in black to thr cosplay or her gold staff to tie in the gold from the crown. It's not in the artwork photo itself but she does use both in the series and I think easily identifiable. Yay or Nay?

#2 crazywuzhere on 7 years ago

I assume it's this one?:
I've seen pictures where the cosplayer wears the giant wings in the back. I've seen the staff, too. However, the staff is only featured in an artwork, and is not really part of the series itself.
I would be more than happy to find the pictures of the giant wings, but since the site is down it's not possible at the moment.
Another thing you might consider is finding a Syaoran to cosplay with you.

#3 ajisaiareku on 7 years ago

I was hoping to enter into a costume contest with the dress and felt compared to some other enteries that just the dress alone wasn't enough. The wings are these [url= sakura and tsubasa screenshots/tsubasa03.jpg]X[/url] but I would make them in black to match the outfit better

#4 Mehdia on 7 years ago

Adding the wings might be a good thought. And for smaller details, you could make one of the feathers of her memories to carry with you since they are very significant in the story.

#5 ajisaiareku on 7 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion Mehdia, hadn't even thought of the feather :3