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#1 DiabolicKei on 7 years ago

I noticed that there was no thread for this, and I was wondering if there are any other Dansou out there.

For those who don't know, Dansou Josei is a female/gender-neutral person wearing Japanese male fashion.

There are a bunch of different types, basically if there's a male Japanese fashion, Dansou has the equivalent.

Beside cosplay, I'm a mix of Otouto and Idol.

Any others?

#2 KchanIwai on 7 years ago

Idol is awesome. Kudos to you. How long have you done this? :3

Myself, when I'm feeling brave and wanting to try something different, I adore Gyaru-O. I'm sort of a fashion chameleon so Dansou isn't a daily thing for me. ^_^;

#3 Stotch on 6 years ago


#4 pokoppoki on 6 years ago

I am a Dansou Josei. I like casual, idol, and aniki.

#5 Shun_Desu on 6 years ago

I'm a proud Dansou Josei~ :3

I'm a mix of Visual Kei, Aniki and Casual :)

#6 anuenue_mirage on 6 years ago

In the kimono community we call girls wearing boy's wafuku, "otoko-poi". When I play around with this it's usually in gothic (I adored BPN ;_;)

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