Kigurumi.. Fabric for summer heat?

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#1 AshofRebirth on 8 years ago

Hi there.
I'd like to make a [URL=""]Kigurumi[/URL] to wear to Anime Expo (It's in LA, California. In July. Hah.)

Usually Kigu's are made out a fleece.. What should I make it out of that's cooler but will still give me that.. cuddly feel?

Or should I just suck it up?

#2 DlGlT on 8 years ago

summer kigus seem to be made from sportwear fabric or tshirt knit.

#3 Kelley on 8 years ago

You could also consider a cooling system.

I guess it depends on what you want this to look like. I imagine that being fully covered in an area with no breeze is going to be pretty awful even if it was made out of a very breathable fabric.

#4 sandra03 on 8 years ago

yeah I think it'll probably be pretty warm regardless but if you make it nice and loose and with a breathable fabric it'll help. t-shirt knit/jersey sounds like your best bet. you can use some small grommets to make air vents under the arms maybe?

what will your kigu be? :D

#5 Qianna on 8 years ago

My suggestion: go to the store and ask a storeclerk for a thin fabric which is a little fluffy. ;)