HELP! Charles Xavier & Erik Lensherr (X Men First Class)

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#1 ImmortalNarwhal on 5 years ago

First of all my friend and I are thinking of cosplaying as Fem!Charles & Fem!Erik, we are new to cosplaying and this is our first attempt we are going make at creating are own cosplay outfit. So if you could, could you help us with the best sort of materials, fabrics etc that are best to use for making the X-Men First Class outfits and how we should to go about it.



#2 Cameron1138 on 5 years ago

I'd suggest modifying some flight suits. If you're lucky you might be able to find some that are already black and yellow, but if not, I'd get black ones and then make yellow parts to go over out of a material that feels and looks as close to what the flight suit is made of as possible.