Frozen Elsa Cosplay Ice Castles!!

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#1 mathewirving on 5 years ago


Snow Queen Essential #1- You Must be Poised
A good Snow Queen must be poised and graceful. Our first Elsa cosplay model, the ultra-graceful Lin, was both of these things. She moved through the Breckenridge Ice Castles as if she were, well, a Snow Queen among ice (OK, she may have slipped once or twice, but she did it gracefully). With a calm swirl of her flowing cape (as she broke her fall), and a confident flick of her frozen wrist (as she tried to warm her numb fingers), we felt as though we were in the company of the dignified monarch herself. Lin made Elsa cosplay look like a piece of slippery cake.

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#2 nathancarter on 5 years ago

Interesting. Did you provide the dress, wig, and styling?

Overall, great sets. The styling, posing, and processing are very true to the source material - and what a location!. Poses and lighting are very flattering to the model. My personal preference is for harder and more directional lighting, which obviously wouldn't have worked here.

I would have liked to see catchlights in the eyes, especially for the head/bust portraits. A little off-camera light on very low power, not enough to materially change the exposure, just enough to pop the eyes a little bit.

#3 MaiCosplay on 5 years ago

I love the scenery the dress is amazing. A more dramatic pose look would make it look really cool, besides that I love it.