Favorite sites to post pictures?

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#1 MaiCosplay on 5 years ago

I would have to say facebook and cosplay sites mostly because of good feedback. And I don't post anywhere else atm.

#2 SolarTempest on 5 years ago

Facebook! Uploads are so easy and convenient.
I would also mention Flickr too, since their tagging and uploader tool is fantastic.

Of course, personal website is key for ensure high quality/viewing speed. =)

#3 Sarishinohara on 5 years ago

Facebook and Instagram ouo

#4 figment1986 on 5 years ago

I post my photos on:
Flickr, Deviantart, 500px, my personal website (gallery done though smugmug), twitter, instagram, tumblr, and of course my facebook page.

There is a lot of places you can share photography... having people find them is the key, Tags and whatnot are very important.

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