In need of 4 roomies

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#1 Catyoukai on 5 years ago

#2 megumibish on 5 years ago

My husband and I and a friend would be interested. We are all selling in the artist alley!

Email me at megumibish at gmail dot com or pm me for my phone number.

#3 Lurna on 5 years ago

I would be interested as well if you still need people. I would be flying from Canada and already have my plane tickets booked.

email me at sammikdaley @

#4 Crislo on 5 years ago

I'll tag along if you're still needing roomies. But that varies from my end, if I wind up with a pre-registration ticket (I just attended my first convention at A-kon 25 and got my ticket by walk in so I don't know how exactly to get pre-registration, which I'm sure I'll find out), and if I decide to stay at my aunt's since she lives 25 minutes from the hotel. I don't mind the drive from there, since I live double the amount of time to get there.

#5 ch3rryshortcake on 5 years ago

I'd also still be interested as well if you need anyone else!

#6 Catyoukai on 5 years ago

I'm sorry this is late, but the room is full. Please feel free to use this thread to advertise availability or need for room. I know there are some people are tumblr as well in need of room mates.