Life is Strange - Chloe Price

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#1 teenagemuggle on 4 years ago

I plan on cosplaying as Chloe Price from Life is Strange for Dragon*Con in September. I know where to purchase her tanktop but I have no idea where to get a necklace similar to hers (with the three bullets). I also am having trouble finding a wig that suits her as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I have attached an image of her when she is wearing the necklace.

#2 Dieselpunk on 4 years ago

Regarding the bullets you can get special training rounds made out of plastic. I haven't played "Life is Strange" in a while and the photos are lacking in detail so I can't tell what kind of bullets are on her necklace but they look like a 22 LR. Here's a link to them on amazon: [url][/url]