Hotline Miami 2 cosplay help

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#1 CoreyTheZebra on 4 years ago

Hi everybody, first off, I'm fairly new to (I will create my presentation in a few hours) and started with a help post because I'm in a hurry. Why ? Because I will be doing a Corey The Zebra cosplay (From Hotline Miami 2, pics here -> [url][/url] ) in less than 1 month and a half. I already got myself the vest - pants/trousers - shoes - hair, but I'm still missing the Zebra mask. I've been browsing for one since June and only gound goofy ones or paper ones. So if someone know where to get myself a decent looking full head Zebra mask or even better, someone who can make this kind of masks, I would be really really thankful. Thanks in advice everybody :bigtu: (Also, sorry if my post doesn't belong here or isn't perfect, just tell me and I will do what is needed)