Human Luna Dress Pattern?

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#1 maskedrose on 4 years ago

Hello All!

I hoping for pattern suggestions for Luna's dress.



#2 AlaizabelCray on 4 years ago

Human Luna cosplayer here! :D

I don't know how much help I'll be since I actually didn't use a pattern for my cosplay, but I can give you some ideas based on what my process looked like when I made my cosplay.

For the dress, I actually was lucky enough to find a yellow high-low dress with thin straps on Amazon. If you can find a pattern for a high-low dress with thin straps, that's a good place to begin. For the black part underneath, I used a waistband and stitched some black crinoline to the waistband. I just slip the waistband on under the dress. The leftover crinoline was used to make the flowers that go below the straps and the big black flowers on the back of Luna's dress.