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#1 Keryn on 4 years ago

Hi there

This might be a bit of an unusual situation so bear with me.

I am a bass guitar player (for a living) and I've just started playing (for fun) with a cover band who play cool 80s music by people like Starship and Boston. And they do this, quite often, while wearing scifi outfits. Our keyboard player is a Spock. At first this struck me as weird, I now realise it is awesome, why was I not told about this coz-play thing before?

So I am totally doing this. But there was only ever one character I would do. I think she'd make an epic bass player? But eek. All that makeup.


The contacts I know I can do. I think I can handle the makeup. White base (brush on?) and some sort of black eyeshadow really blended in. The costume can be built and I guess we can assume that isn't necessarily her only change of clothes anyway. The hair is really specific though, what would you even call that style?

Happy for any ideas!