AB 2015: Who Are You Going As?

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#1 twixel on 4 years ago

I know it's early lol, but has anyone started planning their costumes for Anime Boston? So far my lineup is:
Haruka Nanase [Free!]
Abel [Starfighter]
Eren Jaeger [Attack on Titan] - Normal and Wings of Counterattack versions

#2 Sunder on 4 years ago

It's never to early!

I am not sure if I will be able to make it this year due to funds and work.
However if I am, the only cosplay I know I'll bring for sure would be Shiroe from Log Horizon.

However If I end up having extra funds I plan on going as [URL="http://www.akiba-scope.net/data/photo/news/t2/1222049297.jpg"]Toru Acura[/URL] from Hitsugi no Chaika with [URL="http://www.add-mag.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/e-1.jpg?w=883"]iron blood transformation[/URL] as well since it's just switching up wigs, adding contacts, and a little face paint).

#3 Royalbakaness on 4 years ago

I'm only going Saturday and Sunday. I'm planning on doing Luna in her cat form from Sailor Moon for the first half of Saturday, and I'm hoping to do Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate for the second half and Sunday.

#4 StarsOfCassiopeia on 4 years ago

Totally depends on what I get done over Winter Break, but ideally something along the lines of:

- Genderbend Tuxedo Mask [likely Thurs]
- Emperor Lelouch (Code Geass) [likely Friday]
- Magic Armor Link [likely Sat]
- Something comfortable on Sunday, IDK what exactly.

Other possibilities include:
- Mewtwo (Cowslip's Pokemon Gijinkadex) [probably either Friday or Saturday for this]
- Hilda (Pokemon Black) [Thursday or Sunday]
- Suzuha (Steins;Gate) [Thursday or Sunday]

I could also throw some Disney in there, some Homestuck in there... guess I'll just have to see what needs more photos after Katsucon!

#5 J-Mirakuru on 4 years ago

So far I'm planning Gala Pinkie Pie and or Princess Agitha!

#6 StarsOfCassiopeia on 4 years ago

Mira-- AAAAH, I'd love to shoot with you in your Agitha if my LoZ stuff gets done! :DDD Let me know when you're wearing it, because I would absolutely love to set something up with you sdklfjksdlj <3

#7 12WolfZ on 4 years ago

If I attend this year, probably just Galactic Leader Cyrus.

#8 madchase on 4 years ago

I'm planning on being Big Sister (BioShock) on Saturday (with my friend who's going to be a Little Sister! :3)
And I'll probably be Nonon (Kill la Kill) on Sunday

#9 TMLiza on 4 years ago

I don't know if I'll be able to attend for one or two days,(I'm hoping Saturday if nothing else). but I'm thinking either female Player Character(God Eater) with a god arc or Emerald from RWBY.

#10 Naruto Uzumaki on 4 years ago

Captain from Hellsing, Shino from Naruto Shippuden, and possibly Hawke from Dragon Age 2. If there's a meet up or something I might resurrect Russia from Hetalia.. but I doubt it.

#11 animelover996 on 4 years ago

My close friends are going to be Kirito and Asuna As for me..... I was thinking I would be young Kakashi or ANBU Kakashi. There is also a slight possibility I might join them with a Silica cosplay. So ye. I really am not settled. lol I'll figure it out! XD

#12 SavannahP195 on 4 years ago

I'm going to be Girlycard (Hellsing: The Dawn), Yoko (Gurren Lagann), and Jan Valentine (Hellsing). I'm doing Yoko on Saturday, but I'm not sure which days I'm doing Girlycard and Jan yet.

#13 xsuisenx on 4 years ago

I'm not quite sure.. But I'll probably be cosplaying as a Dangan ronpa character. Still considering other possibilities.. Maybe Persona and anything that I get tempted into ;; maybe even aoba from dmmd

#14 KillerWhaleCake on 4 years ago

It's in my signature (and subject to change, ofcourse haha...) But for now, I'm set for:
Day 0: Shinkai Hayato(Yowapeda)
Day 1:Nishinoya Yuu (HQ), Fuji Yuuta (Prince of Tennis)
Day 2: Shinkai Hayato (Yowapeda)
Day 3: Kisarazu Atsushi (Prince of Tennis)
I cosplay around ~20 Prince of Tennis characters though, so I may end up picking people from a different team closer to the date, haha~

#15 Sayoria on 4 years ago

Still looking for ideas. >:

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