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#1 jrosson on 5 years ago


I am an advanced amateur photographer wanting to again photograph cosplayers at MegaCon. I attended Megacon last year and had a great time. My unedited photos can be viewed here: [url] Orlando 2014[/url]. I hope to do some advanced work this year by getting away from the busy halls to locations outside the center where I can spend time with the subjects to get some interesting shots.

I do this for fun and, since I am still learning, don't charge anything. I shoot with a Nikon D300s and/or Canon D5 Mk II. Photos would be available via Photobucket within a few days. If you want the high res files, or you want a private shoot, please provide a DVD (or two or three) or high capacity memory stick.

Additionally, I have attended 7 years of Comic Con International, and a very few of my shots, including a few from MegaCon, are here [url] [/url]. Some of these have been Photoshopped to remove distracting backgrounds. These better reflect on my capabilities, though Photoshopping will not be included, at least for free.

I will be staying Friday and Saturday nights at the Rosen Center, so we can also shoot around the hotel, if that would be convenient or better, during the morning and late evening. I will have some studio lighting in my room, so if you want some intimate shots of your character, we may be able to do those. Just tell me what you are looking for and we can discuss it.

If you wish to schedule something, please message me, including the character(s) you will be dressed as, along with ideas or photo examples of the poses and scenes you would like. Multiple shoots for interesting subjects is certainly possible.

Happy Cosplaying!