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#1 lazer684 on 4 years ago

I tried placing an ad in the Marketplace a few days ago, but once I hit "submit" it took me back to the first page. I figured it would just take awhile to upload my photos/ect, but it still hasn't shown up. I've tried several times since then to place an ad, but it does the same thing every time. :I

I've been a member for a couple of years and I have well over ten forum posts.

Any help? Am I doing something wrong??

#2 ThakYuki on 4 years ago

Have you tried placing the ad without any photos? This seems to work for most people and they either link to photos or add photos after publishing the ad.

It's not your fault, it's the form being silly with photos.

#3 RiAKoakuma on 4 years ago

Maybe the image size is too big, It seemed to be my problem so maybe just resize the pics?

#4 lazer684 on 4 years ago

Thanks for the responses! I ended up just adding photos in the description and it finally submitted. :')