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#1 bubblesneverpop on 4 years ago

I want to create a new rapunzel wig using this tutorial [url]http://courtoon.deviantart.com/art/Rapunzel-s-Wig-Tutorial-1-205175201[/url]

Does anyone have any reccomendatins for the base wig?
The one she used is sold anymore. Thanks.

#2 BloodRose99 on 3 years ago

Try Arda wigs. They have a lot of dif styles and colors. And they're really good quality.

Also, pretty awesome that you're going to make the wig yourself o.O

#3 Milky Bubbles on 3 years ago

I second using an wig from Arda, their wigs are awesome quality and they have a loooooot of colours and base styles to choose from!
They also have plenty of lace-fronts if you want to try a lace-front wig approach.

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