Where do you post your work?

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#1 djlemma on 4 years ago

Aside from this wonderful site, where do you post your work? What do you do to get your photos seen by the eyes you want- the cosplayers, other photographers, and even the blogs that collect and repost photos.

I put my stuff up on flickr, and just putting photos there and tagging them seems to be the best way to get them seen that I've found. I also usually post things on twitter, and facebook too (mostly for a few interested personal friends) but I feel like I need to do more.

What do the rest of you do? Instagram? Facebook artist pages? Cospix.net? Something else?

#2 fam-cosplayphotographer on 4 years ago

I use flickr but thats more of a personal portfolio dumping ground thats mainly seen by photographers. If you want to be seen make a cosplay facebook page and dump them there along with instagram (and twitter if you have time).

Facebook groups for cons youre attending\attended help get exposure but proper tagging on instagram can get you noticed even quicker.

#3 nathancarter on 4 years ago

I'm lousy at using social media for publicity.

Most of mine get dumped onto my Facebook fan page (see sig) and a small selection get posted onto my Flickr; though for me, Flickr just acts as a hosting site from which I share onto other sites such as this forum.

I just started an Instagram account but am not using it effectively yet.

#4 Scunosi on 4 years ago

I'm not a professional photography so I don't have any sort of fancy site or even really high-quality photos. I post my better ones that are more indicative of my own cosplay here. I post most of the photos I take that aren't really bad on Tumblr and tag appropriately so other attendees (assuming they're from a con) can see them. Facebook is where I'll just dump everything I took into folders and sometimes other people may find themselves through that. I have a deviantArt, too, but sort of like here it would have to be a better photo to be worth the hassle of posting it.

I tend to get the most reaction on Tumblr since that's a more fandom-driven site so people eat most anything up. I think if you really want attention there though it's better to post individual photos or at least one photo shoot at a time for tagging purposes, and so one fandom can latch onto it better. Dumping a bunch of cross-fandom hallway shots from a con doesn't seem to get as much noise as a single-minded post.

#5 djlemma on 4 years ago

I guess I need to up my facebook, instagram, and tumblr game then. Particularly Tumblr I know nothing about... I didn't realize it was such a fandom-driven site- folks on reddit give it so much shit as a whole I had sorta avoided it.

NathanCarter I am following you now on flickr. :) Anybody else feel like posting links to their stuff?

#6 Scunosi on 4 years ago

Yeah, it's a lot like Reddit that way ( ;) ) in that it's great if you know what you're looking or using it for but there's a lot of unfiltered garbage, too. If all you do is post for a fandom and limit interaction you'll probably get nothing but accolades.

Personally I can't really figure out Reddit due to their UI and community voting system, but then I also barely understand Tumblr's sytem, too. Why can't they all just use traditional forums that are so much easier to read and understand? :P

#7 xRenascent on 4 years ago

Let's see...I've got Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, WorldCosplay, Reddit (occasionally), and deviantArt.

Funny thing is, I use Twitter the most (more than Facebook really) and I don't really share my cosplay stuff on there as much as the other social media that I use. I guess it's because I use Twitter as an outlet when I need to ramble/rant at tomes, and to keep in touch with some people.

#8 fam-cosplayphotographer on 4 years ago

My flickr is


My cosplay page is


#9 figment1986 on 4 years ago

I have a tumblr, A Deviantart, Instagram, 500px, flickr (rarely used honestly), and of course facebook. I also have twitter and some other stuff but they get used only from time to time or share info already posted elsewhere.

#10 TykeJack on 4 years ago



#11 Gothica on 4 years ago

I have a personal FB profile page for fam & friends and another page for my potterings lol
Kinda like my alter ego ;) I'd sometimes share bits & bobs of cosplay on my personal profile page, but all of my inspirations are shared on the 'character' page.

Also dig Tumblr, but more so for inspirational finds & shares as opposed to sharing my personal cosplay pursuits .. i.e. it's not a dedicated cosplay profile.

#12 Access on 4 years ago

What do the rest of you do? Instagram? Facebook artist pages? Cospix.net? Something else?[/QUOTE]
I've always just listened to what people want when we discuss it irl. Today, the far majority just want photos posted on facebook so that is what I'm doing. If people want better quality or higher resolution photos I've used flickr or thrown the files into a shared folder on google drive, but this is rare. And video gets posted to youtube and then linked to on facebook, mostly b'cos youtube has a better search feature that people often use to find videos of the convention they just went to. There's been cases where I don't post the photos at all, but that's very rare, only for friends who want to do it themselves.

I stopped posting on this site years ago b'cos very few people I met irl used it except for planning gatherings. Sites like flickr and 500px seem mostly aimed at photographers, outside of photography circles, I haven't found any people who actually used or frequented these sites. I do sometimes post cosplay, fashion, or other similar types of photos (ie. those taken at a convention or places like a ren faire) to forums like fredmiranda.com if I am looking for technical help, or just general critique by other photographers, but that's also pretty rare.

#13 HeroicImaging on 4 years ago

I mainly do my own website, Facebook and Instagram. Having done cosplay photography the past year, I don't tend to post them here (i'm not even sure where to do so, as most of the "recent shoots" seem to be from 2012). I know that Tumblr, Flikr, Reddit, Deviantart, Twitter, and Pinterest are opportunities that I need to look into.

Without a way to load bulk images to Instagram, I find it to be the most tedious way to showcase photos, but also the most engaging. Since I don't know the wizardry that helps drive traffic to your FB page, I've got less than half as many follower on FB than I do on IG. Tagging stuff on IG seems to work wonders, but being at cons is really where my new followers come from.

#14 cosplaycentric on 4 years ago

I am definitely big with posting on Facebook and just got into Instagram because of the tagging. I agree with HeroicImaging - network yourself at cons. I feel like Instagram helps broaden your reach to people you have never met or run into.

#15 wutang4life36 on 4 years ago

I just use Flickr, I then just share my photos/albums/link to other sites such as facebook/youtube.

my flickr [url]https://www.flickr.com/photos/wutang4life36/albums[/url]
my youtube [url]https://www.youtube.com/floridacosplayorg/videos[/url]

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