Possibly moving from Sweden to Australia in a few months

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#1 Thenatsu on 3 years ago

I'm sorry if this seems like a topic out of the accurate in this forum but i thought i'd give it a shot!

So here's the thing, the name is Sam, i'm a cosplayer from about 5 years back, 23 years old and me and my girlfriend plan on moving to Australia for half a year.

Thing is we're pretty nervous about this since we live in Sweden and it's very far away from home. But it's something we want to do, and i really want to get to know cosplayers while i'm there so, i suppose this is a message in hopes of finding some of you guys and getting to know you!

Anime's we're both into is currently Free!, One Piece, Haikyuu!!, Durarara!!, Gangsta and so on, we like a whole lot of animes as well as mangas alright haha, hit me up with your favorites!

I'd love to talk to some of you!

#2 Herring on 3 years ago

Do you have a rough idea of where in Aus you are moving? It is kind of big ;)

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