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#1 MahoNaito on 10 months ago

#2 Penlowe on 10 months ago

It's going to be front heavy, so I's start with a fitted cap of some kind. A wig cap is probably not substantial enough, but maybe one of those spandex caps some athletes wear under helmets (and rappers for fashion) might hold tight enough to be a good anchor for the helmet. Some magnets sewn into the cap with mates glued to the helmet at the back of the head may help stabilize it.

Then I'd start with cardboard or foam core board. Using an already flat material will make getting those angles and planes much easier. It has enough texture that gesso over cardboard/ foam core should get you where you want to be without too huge of a learning curve, a minimum of expense and keeping the weight minimal.

#3 DlGlT on 10 months ago

I think a 4mm craft/eva foam would be perfect for this.

#4 MahoNaito on 10 months ago

Thanks!! Sound like a good ide!!