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#1 sickleweed on 2 years ago

Ready for AX 2019, everyone? I am! Returning hosts, you know the drill; new hosts, please read the instructions below.

[URL=""][U]AX2019 COSPLAY GATHERING SCHEDULE[/U][/URL] (Updated 11/7/2018, 1:00 AM)

To make a gathering request:

1) Click on the gathering schedule link above and look for an open time slot. Each day of AX can be accessed by each tab of the spreadsheet; the last two tabs show the gatherings in list form by day and list form alphabetically. For streetviews of each gathering site (not finalized), go [URL=""]HERE[/URL].

2) Post your request for a gathering here in this thread in this format:

Gathering Name
Facebook/IG/Tumblr Link (you can provide later)

Your gathering can be 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1:30 hrs or 2 hours. If you do not specify how long, 1 hour will be given to you by default. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE of the limited gathering sites: don't ask for 2 hours or a large gathering site unless you are pretty sure you will need it. It may be difficult to tell early on, but if by June your gathering still has only 20 attendees but you're occupying a larger site, you may be asked to relocate to a smaller gathering site.

IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS REGISTERING/POSTING HERE AT COSPLAY.COM, YOU CAN ALWAYS REACH ME AT MY FACEBOOK PAGE, [URL=""]SICKLEWEED AX[/URL]. No matter where you made your request, I will add gatherings based on when it was posted or when I was contacted as a first come, first serve basis.

3) Once I see your post, I will add your gathering to the schedule if it is not in conflict with another gathering. If it is in conflict, you will hear from me here or by PM (messaging). I try to update the gathering schedule every couple of days; if you don't see your gathering like 3 days after your post, just PM me.

4) You can provide a facebook/IG/Tumblr/etc link to your gathering at a later time.

To make changes to your gatherings, you can post here, message me here at coscom, OR msg me on Facebook, [URL=""]Sickleweed AX[/URL].

NOTE: When you post a request, it means you will be hosting, so please don't post unless you plan to host. Questions on hosting for the first time? Just message me.

HOSTS: PLEASE CHECK BACK ON THIS THREAD OR YOUR INBOX ONCE IN A WHILE!! Again, there might be news of changes to AX that might impact your gathering, so please don't just post a request and then disappear off the face of the Earth. You can also provide me with an alternate means of contact (for example, your facebook page) in your post or through private messaging. I just need to be able to contact you if important news arises that affects you. If I cannot find you but your gathering site has been changed by AX, etc, that's on you.

Please be aware that anyone who asks to host a gathering is doing it as a volunteer, so they are free to cancel at will.

The only "rules" involved for creating a gathering are: 1) to make sure you're holding it in an open timeslot, 2) that there is not more than one gathering for the same fandom in one day UNLESS there's a valid reason (for example, daytime vs evening events), and finally, 3) that the site you hold your gathering is suitable for the size of your gathering. The last one is based on AX's cosplay gathering guidelines on their gathering sites map. If your group is too large for the site, you might be asked to disperse by LACC security. Alternately, if your group is way too small for the site, I might have to ask you to relocate to make way for larger gatherings.

Hope all this helps!


#2 BlazeofWar60 on 2 years ago

Kantai Collection / Azur Lane
Day 2
Site 4
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Touhou Project
Day 3
Site 4
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Currently at LAX, will provide Facebook event links when I arrive home!

#3 moonymonster on 2 years ago

Pokemon Gatherings

Friday/Saturday Day 2 and 3
Site 9

#4 Crashingdemise on 2 years ago

july 5/6 3pm site three fate series

#5 Crashingdemise on 2 years ago

League of legends july 5/6 11am site 3

#6 darkraigirl on 2 years ago

Yugioh gathering
July 5
Site 9

#7 Lady Saya on 2 years ago

Persona Gathering
Day 2 July 5
Site 6 Staples Side 11 AM to noon
FB Page will be up when AX is closer

#8 abstractflow15 on 2 years ago

Hello Sickleweed-san, I'm going to be host 3 meet ups during 2019. Also I know it's really hard to get a hold of me, so the best way to message me is through twitter. My username is abstract_flow but I'm going to try my best to check back here more often.
Boku No Hero Academia
Days: 2 & 3
Time: 2 pm
Site: 3
Day: 2
Time: 3:30 pm
Site: 4

#9 LOSTSOUL on 2 years ago

Undertale Gathering site 4 day 3 2 to 3:30 confirmed
facebook link [url][/url]

#10 Alyssa3467 on 2 years ago

Sailor Moon
Day 3, 1700-1800

#11 Vincent-Roth on 2 years ago


I would like to host a Diabolik Lovers Gatherings.
Day 1, Site 4 at 12:30p.m. - 1:30p.m.

Diabolik Lovers Link

#12 Honey Lemon on 2 years ago

GATHERING: Voltron: Legendary Defender
DATE: July 6th (Saturday)
TIME: 5:30pm to 6:30 pm

#13 alizarin-c on 2 years ago

Dear Sickleweed,
I'll be hosting another Seven Deadly Sins Gathering for AX2019! Thank you as always for all your hard work setting things up.

Gathering Name: The Seven Deadly Sins
Date: Day 2, July 6
Site: 1
Time: 2-3pm
I'll put up a facebook event page later, but to contact me my IG is @captain.leftovers

#14 Riddlers_lackey on 2 years ago

Hi can I do Fairy Tail
Day 2
Site 3

Final Fantasy
Day 1
Site 3
(facebook to come)

#15 nataliaxasch on 2 years ago

Gathering Name: Digimon Gathering
Date: Day 2 July 5th, 2019
Site: Site 7
Time: 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Facebook: [url][/url]

Also best way to contact me is through my cosplay page on Facebook: [url][/url]