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#1 Halfanelf on 1 year ago

Hey all. I bought a wig for a character I'm doing in October. It's prestyled in an inverted bob with a skin part - but the front is way too long. Like inches too long. I want to preserve the inverted bob, but it needs to be trimmed. I can sew, but when it comes to wigs, I'm terrified to take scissors to them. So I'm wondering if anyone could trim up this beauty for me.



#2 walkerofdarknes on 1 year ago

I had my regular barber trim down and style my wig this year. Only $5 too. You might take it and the reference photos to your usual stylist/barber.

#3 Halfanelf on 1 year ago

I've tried, actually, but I've only found one place that will cut wigs, and it cost upwards of $40. So.

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