Can I bleach a polyester cotton blend white?

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#1 frostiepie on 10 months ago

Hi! This is my first post here.

I'm thinking of buying this lilac dress (which is a polyester cotton blend, but the percentages are not known) and bleaching it white for a cosplay.

Do you think this would work? I've heard that dealing with polyester is hard, and I don't know the polyester to cotton ratio.


#2 Penlowe on 10 months ago

Bleaching is not like dyeing, it is very damaging to the fabric in to much concentration. I have seen over bleached fabric literally disintegrate when the person tried to put on the pants. Occasionally one gets a good ratio but there's no going back from too much.

Buy or make it in white if white is what you need.

#3 Asmaria on 10 months ago

Polyester is synthetic and synthetic means basically plastic. Just like with wigs, you can't lighten that. The cotton portions may lighten but then you could end up with a half-lightened garment and with the amount of bleach needed, like Penlowe said, it will end up destroying those fibers anyway. I tried this on a leotard when I was younger and it literally melted when I took it out of the bucket. Sorry. :(