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#1 condescendingeg on 3 years ago

I'm planning (hoping, more accurately) to do a cosplay of China from Hetalia some time in the future. The only thing is, as I'm Irish, I have quite a 'western' face, ie. large round eyes and pale skin. I was wondering, how could I make myself look a little more appropriate for this character, mainly in regards to eye shape and skin tone. Could I get away with just an extra flick of eyeliner, or should I go with the trick of using a spoon to trace out, basically, a second eyelid? In terms of skin tone, would I be alright just going with a more sallow skin colour than my own, or should I just stick with my own colour?
Please keep in mind that in have only done one basic cosplay before this, and I have another coming up, but as such, I'm not an expert in makeup. Having that said, any input or suggestions are greatly appreciated ^^

#2 Sugar.Code on 3 years ago

I don't really have any suggestions for eyeliner as how complicated you wanna go is up to you, though if you're willing to put the extra work in I'd say it's worth it. However, definitely use your own skin tone. No one is going to care if yours doesn't match his, and using foundation to change your own skin beyond a shade or two is kinda...yeah, don't do it.

#3 Magyarita on 3 years ago

I would stick with your own skin color, maybe move closer 1 or 2 shades at most, and maybe a small amount of eyeliner. Doing much more than that can easily make its way into yellowface territory, which you really shouldn't do.

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